Activist on trainer shortages: That is the ‘primary’ factor to mend


American Affiliation of Faculties for Instructor Training Vice President of analysis, coverage and advocacy Jacqueline Rodriguez weighs in at the national trainer scarcity and the controversies dealing with educators.

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Date: August 21, 2022

RSS The Hill

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25 thoughts on “Activist on trainer shortages: That is the ‘primary’ factor to mend

  1. Ignoring the changing world and not preparing our kids for it is like graduating a 6th grader and expecting them to succeed. The world changes continuously and we teach our kids the same curriculum as my parents.

  2. Teachers make all other professions possible? Give me a break. The state of education is so terrible that many homeschoolers do far better than students of their own age in public school. As one homeschooling advocate said, public education is so bad that you'd almost have to try hard to do a worse job educating your own children than what would happen in public school. Furthermore, if you choose to homeschool, you really should buy a membership from the Home School Legal Defense organization. They litigate every time some arrogant bureaucrat harasses home schooling families. It's the only way to protect yourself.

    John Gatto Taylor won the Best Teacher Award in New York State TWICE and stopped working as a public school teacher because in his words, he could no longer continue hurting children. According to him 60% of all the time in school is spent waiting. You wait for the bell to ring at the beginning of the school day, then do that multiple times per day as you change subjects. After the bell rings, five or ten minutes is wasted. Changing from one subject to another is part of the problem in that in creates short attention spans in children. The constant stress of bullying, which can only be (partially) rectified by appealing to an authority figure creates children who get used to the idea that they cannot take care of themselves.

    Teachers have qualifications. Their skills are questionable. There are private tutors in the world who charge hundreds of dollars an hour to teacher children from wealthy families. If teachers were that good at what they do, people would pay for their services. Any organization that needs government funding to pay salaries is an organization that is not offering marketable services. That is why even middle class people send their children to private schools. And no, you don't have to be rich to be successful academically. The movie "The Marva Collins Story" is available online. She started her own school, took inner city poor children who were often not even literate and produced stellar students who far surpassed students from public school and she did it on a fraction of the money public school teachers are paid. She joked about wondering how many American presidents she had to tell that she was not interested in being Head of American public education.

  3. c Times are Tough! YOU NEED JESUS TO GET THRU THIS!!! He said He will never leave us, nor forsake us. I never would have made it without Jesus!! John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

  4. 66,000 is a lot for a first job. A few years back it was 45,000. Even that is pretty good for a first job. They will just keep demanding more. It's more so working in an environment where they can get fired for standing up to punk kids that are empowered by society to be little dicks for not getting what they want. Who wants to work in that?

  5. It really is not money. It is about the lack of respect for teacher time and the ever increasing number of absurd rules.

    Nearly half of school budgets go to administration. They are bored and need to justify their position, so they make rules and interfere in the classroom. This is frustrating. It also keeps increasing the workload.

    A teacher is routinely asked to work well beyond when they are being paid. This is true of very few professions. You are not given time to lesson plan or grade, but are expected to get it done. You are not given time to fill out paper work mandated by whatever initiative a bored admin came up with this week.

    You are expected to solve every behavioral problem or bad parenting outcome that a child has, or you are reprimanded.

    You are expected to buy things for your class, despite the US spending more than the rest of the world for education.

    These tensions mount. These are the reasons teachers leave. Easy fixes. Hire more teachers to reduce classroom size, maybe have less admins to cover the cost. Give teachers time to do work, if you expect them to do it. Fund all teaching expenses. Why should a teacher buy paper?

  6. She didn't mention the lack of discipline by school administrations, the rudeness and lack of respect from students and the introduction of leftist ideology as reasons why teachers are leaving.

  7. This lady is full of 💩 …. Good teachers don't need to be accredited by some other group of accredited gromers to be good teachers. I bet if you asked this woman about home schooling and charter schools she would be against it. People like this are only interested in preserving the teachers union and social engineering children to think a particular way.

    What's important is a structured set of lessons and dedication to teach the students. today's public school is nothing more than an indoctrination camp.

  8. When it us more important to teach Heather has two mommies, girls can pleasure themselves with cucumber and a boy can be a girl or a girl can be a boy public schools will lose taxpayer support. Add to that teach children of color that whites are the root to all evil in America and the teachers wonder why half of the US hate them and refuse to give them raises?

  9. The problem is we are hiring a bunch of sjws as teachers because there’s a shortage! Kids would be better off getting no schooling than having some of these clowns “teach” our kids!

  10. So the profession that works nine months out of the year needs money? Nationally, they spent the majority of the time not working. In my area the teachers barely went online to consult with the children. While complaining that they had to teach their own children at home.

    This lady is no better than any of the democratic officials that you complain about on your channel. They spent the entire time barely working if not working at all. Finding out new ways to keep from working while begging for money over and over again From the government. In my profession I work all year around having to go through continuing education every year to keep up on my deal. But the teachers only work nine months out of the year maybe having to do some continuing Ed over the summers.
    This lady says that all professions begin with teachers. Then how come our country is lacking in the education department. I think if they want more money they need to show us that they deserve it. By making our country number one in education. That’s the same as if I otter perform at my job they get tell my boss that I need a promotion and a raise.

    This lady is nuts thinking that teachers need to be paid more after all the bull crap that they caused to our children during the pandemic. Especially in states like California.

    The mothers and fathers of this country will be very hard to convince that the teachers need more money after having to witness their children being taught CRT. Maybe this situation with the teacher shortage will get the bad apples out of the profession. So that new ones that appreciate their profession and their duties to our children will be able to come in without being bullied by the old hags that have been running the system for too long

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