Americans sound off on mainstream media


Fox News host Lawrence Jones took to the streets in NYC to find out what Americans think of the media, Fox News contributor Joe Concha and former Biden surrogate Kevin Walling react to their responses on ‘Cross Country.'
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Date: August 17, 2022

49 thoughts on “Americans sound off on mainstream media

  1. 55 percent of journalists agree. That's the problem. They just proved how Indoctrinated and paid for they are.

  2. Yes, the media needs to report only facts and tbe truth,, not their version of what they think is the truth! Not Narratives!!!

  3. It's kind of funny that they're just learning about this. ALL mainstream media is two-faced and biased to the status quo.

  4. Dossey is proof there is only one person that can call himself a journalist looking at the white house briefings

  5. News media definitely need to be reworked, fixed, adjusted or something..the media will be around probably forever so definitely will need to be fixed..they see people as consumers and focus on rankings, revenue and high ratings..

  6. Nobody pushes the race baiting like Fake News MSM. Except when a Black Man like Herschel Walker runs as a Republican. Then they run oppressive hit pieces on them.


  8. Social media CAN be used for good reasons, but overall, 95% of it's content is BAD. Lord help our younger generations.

  9. Try an environment w/o Investigative jouralism. Dishonest Trumpian characters would run rampant like locust.

  10. The violence, misinformation, and discrimination are the point of conservatism and republicans know it.

  11. Sky news and Fox news for me! Sky news is the UK but do worldwide news so they're not republican or democrats but I am conservative so I love Fox!

  12. I love how Fox is going out on the streets to talk about honest journalism. The irony is just astounding.

  13. Yes mainstream media is working for the evil propaganda machine. Do you really think they can go against the hand that feeds them??? If you have enough integrity and courage, I say you can….

  14. I'd like to know how many people they interviewed to get what few they got you want to sound off about something sound off about with the Republican parties been up to they're about to take away all your rights and your guns

  15. Can't get your news from any one place anymore. It's irritating just how much time has to be invested to get a clear idea of reality.

  16. Equal sides with FAUX FOX NEWS….the Truth is never shown on Fox…..or they hide it…the Truth is there and not shown on this station…rarely

  17. And we have the audacity to think that the voters pick who will become the next Resident of the USA. They are selected not elected. Look at the voters that were interviewed. Do you think they would just put the president in the public hands? Not only that, this seems like a coordinated effort to keep Biden in office despite his many gaffes. Somebody should have said something by now.

  18. And while they are out it they can say the same of our LOCAL news media TV papers and Radio they do and say the same thing that the national and magazines and cable networks do.

  19. Fox needs to shut down Fox 4 news in CAPE CORAL FL,They are a LIBERAL turd in the punch ball. Fox 4 news Cape coral Florida sucks.

  20. How many did you have to interview before you found people that gave you the answers you wanted?

  21. Fox news are enablers of a cult that is destroying the USA and creating a sick domestic war.

  22. Tell the truth the MEDIA IS CONTROLLED and being told what to report and what narrative to manipulate the people. We no longer TRUST THE MEDIA!

  23. You can't restore trust when you lie to the people. Media has no credibility. There's no coverage of reality, there's only manipulation. Where's the coverage on vaccine injury? Where's VAERS? Where's the coverage of the ethylene oxide on the PCR swabs? The coverage on Barium, Aluminum, and strontium in the chemtrails we're being poisoned with. The carcinogens in our food supply. The microplastics destroying the oxygen producing organisms in our oceans. The takeover of farmland by Bill Gates. The real agenda of globalists, politicians, and our so called intelligence agencies. Where's the government of the people, by the people, for the people. I'm having a really hard time finding it.

  24. So they get their news from places that don't give out the news but opinions.This is why we need to raise the voting age. Tiktok is not a news site!

  25. back in the 60s in new zealand the vietnam war was covered everyday on the radio and it was honest news –now nobody even knows whats happening in ukrain
    —- msm sux

  26. Props to Kevin Walling at the end admitting that we need true journalism. With that said and based on his earlier comments, its clear he knows his position on this topic is a loser!

  27. Please stop beating up reporters. A MAJORITY ARE YOUNG COLLEGE EDUCATED OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY INDOCTRINATED DURING THERE COLLEGE LIFE.Futhermore there marching orders come from there owners that pay their wages and support there masters narrative. They have to work but not for honest responsibilities to the public but for their masters narrative. They have to eat to but how much CROW can they ,themselves stomach before honest journalism is entered in to their diet or has there indoctrination been to server order overwhelming there rational train of thought. Lock step for your masters narrative like good little sheep if you want to get fed.

  28. Joe Concha is absolutely correct! NYC "people on the street" are NOT "typical Americans"!!! Fox News needs to get information from literally ANY where else but NYC or"Virginia"!!!🤦🤦🤦

  29. That was the perfect question , thank you .
    I think the media is horrible.
    Your great , but I really love tucker.

  30. Don Lemon once said "I don't do opinions, but I do give my perspective on issues" or something to that effect. It means the same thing. And this was during Trump's presidency. People are dumb enough to take CNN and networks like them, MSNBC, seriously.

  31. From my old boss, WWII vet & business owner. "3 biggest dangers for our nation -Communism – Socialism– Journalism". . . How wise he was!

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