Andrew Tate x Tucker Carlson Fox Information Complete Interview


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Date: August 30, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Why the discovery of a Chinese balloon in US skies is such a big deal February 3, 2023
    Tensions between the U.S. and China are on the rise again after the discovery of what the Biden administration is describing as a sophisticated Chinese espionage tool flying over the United States. The discovery of a massive Chinese surveillance balloon over Montana, which hosts some nuclear silos, sparked a diplomatic crisis on Friday, with Secretary...
  • Jordan subpoenas Garland, Wray over school board memo February 3, 2023
    Editor's note: Virgin Islands Del. Stacey Plaskett is the top Democrat on a Judiciary subcommittee established by the GOP to examine the “weaponization” of the federal government. The information was incorrect in an earlier version of this story. The House Judiciary Committee fired off its first subpoenas under the leadership of Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio),...
  • 5 takeaways on a surprisingly strong jobs report February 3, 2023
    The U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs in January, more than doubling Wall Street expectations and turning up its nose at prognosticators of an imminent recession. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.4 percent, the lowest level since 1969. Analysts were expecting it to move in the opposite direction, ticking up to 3.6 percent. The monthly jobs...
  • Victoria Spartz passes on Senate run, to retire from Congress at end of term February 3, 2023
    Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) on Friday announced she will not run for Congress in 2024, retiring from the House and passing on a bid for Indiana's open Senate seat. "It’s been my honor representing Hoosiers in the Indiana State Senate and U.S. Congress and I appreciate the strong support on the ground. 2024 will mark...
  • GOP lashes out at Biden, Pentagon as Chinese balloon hovers over US February 3, 2023
    Republicans have seized on the news that a Chinese surveillance balloon is flying over the northern U.S. to cast President Biden and the Defense Department as failing to protect national security. Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) quickly called for a briefing for the Gang of Eight, the top members of Congress who receive classified intelligence from...

50 thoughts on “Andrew Tate x Tucker Carlson Fox Information Complete Interview

  1. Also, in Canada, Euthanasia is now the 6th LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH. Bro, our healthcare sucks. Covid-19 was exposing our healthcare system, and it still sucks

  2. What is suspect is that so many social media sites plus PayPal all ACTED IN UNISON. The only way this could happen is if they are owned by one person or conglomerate in constant communication with one another. What or Who do the owners of all of them have in common? A spook agency? A giant ad sponsor? The President? The WEF?

  3. Christ, when you sign up for a website there are terms and services. When you violate them you are no longer allowed to be on the platform. It’s pretty fucking simple.

  4. Like he says: he was not the first one to be (shadow)banned because of traditional male, anti femininist or anti intersectional viewpoints and I would appreciate the truth to be promoted. Truth in this case means to understand that all the anti hatespeech, anti faschist and pro democratic propaganda (and laws) root in some feminists anticipation of a "backlash" against their movement. This was held back for some time, but people like Täte show how necessary a mens movement already is.

  5. Scary to even think of what they are thinking of doing in 5 to 10 years from now I could possibly see them arresting people for posting truth and actual proof just like Andrew does and Tucker

  6. This is proof we live in scary times. This is the control we should be scared of. They can shut down your financials because they don’t like you?? Everyone should be alarmed

  7. I was shocked at the beginning off the pandemic in Australia we have 30 cases and all media was telling us all hospitals are full doctors and nurses working 24/7 and nobody ask the question how when only 30 cases

  8. @LTTV, Tate was banned from all of these platforms because he openly advocates for violence against women. He was kicked off the TV show Big Brother because footage surfaced of him beating a woman with a belt. He openly proclaims that women are property of men. Do you actually agree with that message?

    BTW, I'm glad you can actually get to see a doctor, even if you have to wait. Down here in the states, there are many people who cannot afford regular checkups as they are about $200, so many people just don't go.

  9. I am a women and listening to Andrew tate gave me perspective to be a high value women that's more understanding towards the issues my fiancé faces but doesn't talk about because his a guy,

  10. Andrew tate has a good point but men need to grow the fuck up. Having followers doesn’t matter and having every woman after you doesn’t matter: it means you’re weak if you see that as having high status as a man.

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