Andy McCarthy on FBI raid: This raises the chance they didn't get the whole thing they was hoping to search out


Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy offers his tackle the most recent trends within the FBI's raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago house on ‘The Tale.' #foxnews

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Date: September 3, 2022

RSS The Hill

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  • Court hands partial win to Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit September 27, 2022
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31 thoughts on “Andy McCarthy on FBI raid: This raises the chance they didn't get the whole thing they was hoping to search out

  1. The basic point seems to have been lost. He violated the Presidential Records Act (PRA) by taking ANY govt property with him, has ignored requests for over a year, ignored a subpoena, lied on a sworn statement. He broke the PRA and a national security law in doing so, then added Obstruction of Justice on top of that. Your fella's going down, boys.

  2. Bar is only trying to protect the integrity of the DOJ. Garbage I mean Garland is only protecting democrat interests in case they cancel his membership to their Eyes Wide Shut fundraisers.

  3. This video is BS, it doesn't cover the IMPORTANT POINTS!
    1) it was all planted by the FBI!
    2) he didn't even have time to check what he was packing because there was no way to know he lost until two days before move-out!
    3) he didn't pack the boxes, someone else did!
    4) he declassified it all when he packed it!
    5) he gave it all back in January!
    6) he signed a sworn oath that he didn't have any more in June and that was true!
    7) he gave it all back in July!
    8) he WOULD have given it back if they had just ASKED NICELY!
    9) this is his PERSONAL stuff and it's not the government's!
    10) but he can also claim executive privilege because it WAS part of his work!
    11) he NEEDS this stuff to write a book!
    12) and he's still president, so it's not a felony to have them!!!

  4. Every Faux News post on Youtube is dumping on Biden and completely ignores what Trumpov has done to this nation by stealing and possibly selling/trading our national secrets to adversaries for his own personal benefit. This is criminal behavior by a scam outlet calling itself "News", in my view. What a sham.

  5. What you're failing to understand is that NONE of these details you're discussing are valid if you're going to have double standards… Previous presidents AND Hilary Clinton did worse with no penalties.

  6. Unbelievably fox is starting to dribble out, little bits of truth. Truths that any non cult like groupies, should already know.
    Totally believable however, is the amount of Trump apologists, lining up to regurgitate lies, in a pitiful disgusting hope, of whitening the dark stain, that they now are all becoming.
    It's evidence enough, here in the comments alone.

  7. Andy and Bob Barr should present their Rino-ID's before being interviewed! According to them, this outrageous and (illegal) FBI raid on President Trump's home, has merit and all the FBI did was legal and proper! Just how many Deep Staters are in that club of anti-Trump people? I'm sick of former career Federal Bureaucrats putting in their 2-cents worth of legal mumbo-jumbo that always sides with a corrupt Justice Department's decision to oppress President Trump with false and fake crimes.

  8. I'm guessing they found a whole lot more than they expected…and the empty files mean that Donny Dump has already sold them to….Putin? the guy he choose over his own FBI. Traitor. Lock him up for the rest of his pathetic life

  9. The racist LBJ ‘s documents were turned over in 2016.
    Nixon’s in 2018.
    OBAMA holds 30 million pages of documents.
    Trump gets raided.
    Let’s face the truth. The FBI and DOJ have become the enforcement arm of the DNC

  10. The only thing better than watching your BS reports is reading the comments from trolls you give hope to. Keep acting like CNN and you’ll enjoy the same fate. I’m glad you have proven that you’ve forgotten what the FBI and their masters in the DNC have done.

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