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Animal rights activist Matt Johnson duped Fox News on live TV by posing as a factory farm CEO.
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‘Last week, I appeared live on Fox Business, pretending to be the CEO of the largest pig factory farming corporation in the world, Smithfield Foods. But while people laughed about it all over the internet, this wasn’t just a stunt to get views on social media. The truth about the diseases in factory farms should be news — but the media isn’t reporting it.'

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Date: August 19, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Animal Rights Activist Dupes Fox News | NowThis

  1. Medicine According to Cherokee Legend
    The Old Ones say that at one time all of Creation spoke the same language. The plants could communicate with the finned ones, the four-leggeds could speak with the trees, the stones could talk with the wind, and even the most dependent, most pitiful part of creation, the two-leggeds, or as we have come to call ourselves, the humans, could also speak with the other parts of creation. All existed in harmony. The plants, the animals, and the elements of the Four Directions (all existence) all knew that if the two-leggeds were to survive, they would need help.
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    The great Animal Councils banded together to determine what they should do to right these wrongs. They needed to protect themselves from destruction and eradication. And so, it was decreed by the council, if one of their clan was killed by the two-leggeds and thanks was not given for the sacrifice, the Chief Animal Spirit would afflict the disrespectful killer with a devastating disease.
    The plants were distressed and said to the animals, “They wrong us, too. They dig us up, trample us, burn us out, and don’t even listen when we try to tell them what we can do to help them. Yet, we feel compassion for the two-leggeds. Man struggles to realize his place in the web of creation and he cannot learn if he is wiped out by disease. Man needs our help, so for every disease you animals bring to them, we, the Plant People will give them a cure. All the two-leggeds have to do is ‘ listen’ when we talk to them.”

    The human primate is undoubtedly the most brilliant of any animal species but at the same time, it is also the most profoundly stupid. No other animal consciously destroys the very environment it is dependent upon for survival, except for the human. In our ignorant quest to destroy the planet, we are also causing the elimination of millions of other animal and plant species. Earth is currently in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. The previous extinctions, mostly attributed to climate change, killed an estimated 75% to 96% of all living things.

  2. Thank you for the truths you expose (that humans want to ignore). However, factory farms exist because omnivore
    humans demanded more and more animal flesh and blood as meals. Smaller family farms (while not necessarily humane or
    kind to animals) were replaced by larger farms. While corporations are doing the deed and making corporate profits, factory farms would not exist if not for consumer demand. I am vegan for many years and understand humans want to eat animals. They
    want cheap "meat" and factory farms serve that purpose. End all animal agriculture subsidies and you will effectively raise the
    cost of humans eating animal products by over 50%. In turn, humans will buy less, eat less animals, and eventually bankrupt the factory farms. As long as killing animals for human food needs is cheap, humans will continue to eat the animal proteins. namaste.

  3. I hate how she says afterwards “Sorry about that everyone, it turns out this person was an imposter and all his statements were false”.

    No, all his statements were complete truth! You can’t just say something is false because you want it to be.

  4. All I can say is I love meat and I will never stp eating it. Just wish they would improve their live stock's living condition plus their workers. Just surprised how bad it is in the states cause in our country meat production and where live stocks live is in the province and they don't live in those cages. We also have a machine to check our live stock's health plus people who feed them with the right amount and type of feed and medical checks now and then.

  5. It's interesting listening to him because I agree factory farms need to go. Not just for better treatment of animals but the economy. I don't mind being fact checked on this but I think it was in Forbes and Business Insider that said small business are better for economic growth and health. On a personal note a small business is also more likely to take better care of their animals because its a higher investment.

  6. 4:55 Am I the only one who wish for the human race to go extinct?? Surely only good things would come from that, the planet can only heal without the human race no longer eating and polluting it!

  7. It’s beyond sick what these factory farms do, o remover stumbling upon a video how McDonald’s comes about its meat and ect. In middle school scared me for life. People are so unempathetic it’s so sad, cows are literally raped, babies are ripped away from their moms, animals are TORTURED TO DEATH. these are the worst things that can happen to humans but we don’t bat an eye bc they are “animals”. Everyone can do their part. Dairy isn’t even good for u. AMERICA if obese, change needs to happen.

  8. Our industrial food systems in this country are appalling: pig farming, chicken farming, tomatoes (look up Immokalee), corn, the corporate farming business models, meat processing, the chemicals used (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc), the antibiotics and hormones used in livestock, the explotation of farm workers (namely immigrants), the GMO's, the attack on unionizing, and on and on.

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