Artemis I deep house exploration program set to release


Former Global Area Station commander Terry Virts joined ‘Your Global' to speak about long term journeys to the moon and Mars. #foxnews #fox

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Date: August 31, 2022

RSS The Hill

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37 thoughts on “Artemis I deep house exploration program set to release

  1. So it will take ah couple of days too get too the moon yet it will take the Osirian capsule ah few weeks just too get 1x around the moon yet it can travel up to 11 kilometer per second??? Safe travels too the men & woman whom explore space they represent all of humanity worldwide the unknown & the mysteries secrecy riddles of the universe as Phobos mars moon has ah giant monolithic structure on it 🫡🌌🚀🛰🌜🌞🌛✨🪐✨

  2. With Biden adding another trillion to the national debt, know that we humans are confined to pretty much Earth for the entirety of our existence, as no other planet that we can reach, has the necessities humans require for life, why are we messing around with this stuff, it costs a fortune a bazillion fold, and we have nothing, zero ROI.

  3. You can't control inflation, homeless, drugs, feed the poor, stop government corruption, crime spree, define what a woman is, mental illness, housing crisis, world peace, breakdown of families, petrol prices, food shortages, COVID pandemic, vaccines work or not, INDOCTRINATION of the children, men can be women or visa versa, Racism, climate change, and basically the destruction of Society….. Soooo how about we spend BILLIONS on flying a rocket up into the universe….. Now that is WISDOM….. GOD HELP US…. Amen.

  4. Wasting 2 trips before sending a 3rd flight to actually land on the moon? What's the point in those 1st 2 trips if we truely landed on the moon before? Oh, wait,,,, hmmmmm.

  5. No moon, nice cgi, no mars, no space travel at all, it's all a lie! This earth is a flat plane, with a sky dome over it, and it has been proven, and we are not spinning in an endless void either, the Earth is stationary, it does not move at all. NASA, stop lying to everyone!

  6. You’re all criminals. Lied, coerced and poisoned a population – peoples lives ending suddenly in mass. Disabled… MSM covered it all up.. Distracted and pushes kids.. You all are murderers and should be in jail.. It’s all a distraction. Hiding the Mortality reports. Biggest crime against the people ever committed.

  7. Going to the moon good first step, yea cause NASA lost the tech on how to get to the moon and lost the original video footage of the landing… good job NASA!

  8. You people in Fox are living in illusions, your status quo is family and work, you don't have faith whatsoever because you lie for a living. Your family is your only reason for your existence, and they are nowhere safe in the future of American politics.

  9. Well time to take the old moth balled luner models out of storage . Oh and the luner trampolines
    Don't forget the instant martian monster pet the cartoon with Marvin the Martian .
    De De De that's all folks

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