Asexuality on Fox Information Dayside, April 3 2006


Two participants of the Asexual Visibility and Schooling Community ( seem on Fox Information Dayside.

Date: August 30, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Asexuality on Fox Information Dayside, April 3 2006

  1. Great couple Paul and winter are! They are very lucky to have found one another! And winter is a lucky girl, she has a very handsome husband. 🙂 Best of luck to them!

  2. Nice couple! Did Paul write an article online? I remember reading about an asexual couple online and he looks very much like paul. This was a Great video! I loved it and I'm glad they are informing others about this orientation. 🙂 TWO thumbs up!

  3. I agree with what basically everyone is saying on here, this was mostly a very positive interview with only the slight slip-up of aces 'talking about different things' and the misconception of asexuals having a lack of libido. What I wanna know is what happened to Fox News in the six years following to get from a fairly positive view to the most offensive interview on asexuality ever??

  4. I'm gonna try not to be to negative because for a program from 2006 this is very open and positive towards asexuality BUT first of: asexuality isn't lack of sex drive for lack of sexual attraction and second: did she actually ask if asexuals talked about the same stuff as allosexuals? really?

  5. She said "sex drive" but it has nothing to do with our sex drive.  We are not interested in sex.  But it doesn't mean we're robotic and not biological creatures.  What an odd woman to bring on the show, when she has no earthly idea what she's even talking about.  Moving on. 

  6. @Guitarz1970 Yes, thank you for clarifying three times that asexuals certainly are freaks. Totally bringing up the spirits of 70 million people who are most likely living their lives giving no cares about what you're closed mind thinks. Unless you have proof that we are freaks, or at least have a better argument other than "Yes it is  SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION" please shut up until you do. Thanks. c:

  7. For FOX news this was handled surprisingly well. It was interesting and informative which frankly I didn't think this network was ever capable of doing.

    The greater misconception is that asexual people are that way because they are either confused, in denial or suffered from some sexual trauma in their life but that isn't the case. These are people that don't have a sex drive and don't have a problem with that. They can still have romantic feelings towards others without it becoming sexual.

  8. The only wat for an asexual animal to pass down its trait of being asexual is let it long for sex, enjoy sex. But asexual animals can't do that. So, asexual animals won't have offspring. Which explains why all animals want sex so badly, we human evolve from animals, so most of us are sexual. But it's not necessary, even if all of us are asexual, we still know that we need to reproduce, since we arenot animals any more.

  9. They just don't think about sex all day long like you, is there anything wrong with that? They are not sex-obessed, that's all. Why do you say they don't have sex organ, or why do you ask if they want a family? why do you ask why they don't have multiple companions? Why don't you just ask yourself or all the human beings?

  10. asexual persons can be romantic, human looking robot can't be, and robot is not human. Asexual persons do go through puberty. And I think even if all the human beings are asexual, the society will still run well.

  11. Sorry. I was referring to the romantic asexuals like these two. I apologize for not making myself clear. I do understand that some asexuals want nothing to do with romance as well. 🙂

  12. Asexuals can have sex drive, we can masturbate, and we can have sex. I know some who have fetishes, just not any attributed to people. This so-called expert is just spewing bull.

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