Audio of Kevin McCarthy, Texts From Fox Information Hosts About Jan. 6 Printed: A Nearer Glance


Seth takes a more in-depth have a look at Republicans converting their music to soothe Trump after telephone name audio emerged of GOP Area chief Kevin McCarthy calling for an investigation into what came about on January 6 simply days after the rise up.

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New Audio Finds Kevin McCarthy Stated Jan. 6 Cannot Be Swept Below Rug: A Nearer Glance – Overdue Night time with Seth Meyers

Overdue Night time with Seth Meyers

Date: August 28, 2022

RSS The Hill

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41 thoughts on “Audio of Kevin McCarthy, Texts From Fox Information Hosts About Jan. 6 Printed: A Nearer Glance

  1. GOP COVID GENOCIDE !!!!** Senators Madchin, Siennma and the Republican Gestapo, Paul Manfart, Steve Bananna, Micky Flynn, Turd Kruz, Mark Suckaburg (Fakebook) , Mark Meodowls, Kucker Karlstone are TRAITORS !!!!!! NRA / Ted krutz , GOP should be charged with murder / child abuse for their dereliction of Oath of Office and their lack of support for GUN CONTROL !!! Authoritarian Kleptocrats !!! Our filthy rich have the best attorneys to elect chosen Representatives and Senators ,abuse & manipulate our Constitution, introduce $0.00 Federal Tax bills for Billionaires, backed by political campaign contributions by Lobbyist & CEO's (legal prostitutes) who have worked for the Government !!! It's referred to as the Casino revolving door and GREED will always outweigh the value of life for tens of millions of Citizens !!!!!!!! Then there are those wanting to be filthy rich who will abuse any Law to embellish themselves as part of the Greed Cult !!! It should be a Federal Felony for any Senator , Representative, Supreme Court and Federal Justices and immediate staff / family member be allowed to participate in the stock markets !!!!! It's the old Fox guarding the chicken coup analogy !!!! It's is so obvious that the enemy within (Traitors) are REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS !!! Let the total weight of our CONSTITION FLATTEN ALL TRAITORS !!! For you Commies and Nazi's, If you are not happy living in our Democracy , Please don't let the door hit you on the ASS on your way to North Korea, Russia, or China!!! We will gladly include an AK-47 in memorial of our innocent children when you step off your plane to swear a citizen's oath to Communism !!!*** The few honorable Democrats & Republicans, GOD BLESS & GUIDE YOU !!! History will crown you as our Patriots & Heroes * These TRAITORS will be investigated and charged as Domestic Terrorist !!! Trump & Co-Conspirators will succumb to the famous RICO ACT, our Constitution, Civil Rights and most importantly the VOTING BOOTH !!!*** Racism & Perjury is alive and well in all levels of Government; the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Klarance Thomas and Federal Judges, the CIA, FBI, NSA, GOP, CEO's !!!*** KKK with Degrees. You all have taken an Oath of Office !!! PURGE these TRAITORS !!!*** BOYCOTT those companies that support Politicians who are traitors and Putin's Puppets and REGISTER TO VOTE these Traitors Out in 2022 & 2024 * Putin and his GOP maggots can burn in HELL ******************************************

  2. what kind of drugs did Carrie Fisher take? Maria looks like she's on the same road. I only say because the way she speaks her words is a lot different than they way she did when i first ever became aware of her maybe 20 years ago. Now she speaks the same way Carrie Fisher did. Has she had jaw surgery?

  3. i know this is old but kevin mcarthey comment is kinda weird why was everyone ekse running for safety but the k dog and his crew didn't leave his officfes until possibly he realized that trump was letting a rogue army of discontents loose on everybody in the building. likev he knew what was up and suddenly realized holy guacomole these people want anybody govgfernment

  4. McCarthy change his mind to please the base not Trump the base is crazy Trump just insane but the bass is off off the off just crazy as Bass if you say kill all the Jews kill all the color kill only Indian the baseball that's a crazy video

  5. The day of the insurrection I turned to fox "news" because I wanted to hear what they had to say for themselves.
    They were PUBLICLY SAYING HE HAD TO STOP IT. They were saying it was destroying his legacy.
    The very next day they were back in air making excuses and blaming the democrats.
    It breaks my brain that anyone can take them seriously.

  6. If they're trying to find out what happened Why wasn't the National Guard there When they knew weeks ahead something was gonna happen Honestly I don't give a F About J6 I want gas to go down food prices go down And to stop the terrorists Sneaking across the border They come here to hurt Americans

  7. Why not … Add in the investigation FOX news ? They are the DARK MAGA COMMUNICATION HEADQUARTERS
    their mission is to: AGITATE, MISINFORM, BRAINWASH, AND RALLY ALL NUTS AND CRAZY FROM ALL LITES, just to destabilize their enemy “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” because at this point they should call traitors

  8. Abuse of power Crooked by Nancy Pelosi's creating the January 6 damage control select committee for her ballot harvesting and dominion machine election theft fraud failed miserably with every news outlet chiming in with their Trump Derangement syndrome sickness propaganda on our taxpayer dollars which was also illegal.

  9. I can't recall the last time I heard a Republican politician say anything publicly that wasn't vile, self-serving, or blatantly untrue.

    I guess Liz Cheney might now be the exception.

  10. Do they know how stupid they sound? We have their texts. All the Reps have been making themselves look guilty. Then they think they can tell people that it's all bull, it's a bit late for that Mcarthy. We heard them all texting Trump to call the mob off or make a statement. They sound so stupid. I'm not sure why they try, Trumps voters all know he's guilty Trump asked them to riot and hang pence. Many of the DC police knew about some of it. That's why they took pictures of the rioters and themselves. That's why a few have committed suicide after0 because of guilt. They had no idea that a police officer was going to die. The cops were told by Trump and other Reps including rioters, that everything was chill and no one would get hurt. But they lied to the DC police. The policemen that were in on it anyways. I don't think people realize that some of the security comes from the company formerly known as Blackwater, the ones who train Mercenaries/White Nationalists in North Carolina the former boss and CEO of the company Erik Prince is now running for a place in Republican office, he's got Mike Banon's support who's a known white supremacist. Trump's summer of love with Banon is over and now he wants Erik Prince. Banon is not normal he hates both Reps and Dems he likes militia men that's what Erik Prince is.

  11. NEWSFLASH people. It's OVER. This IS the new norm and the new America. I suggest you prepare and prepare to protect your families. Remember that question posed to Charlie Kirk? …..I honestly believe there is no unringing the Trump bell. We will NEVER recover or be the same.

  12. So I went to see Tristram in a professional capacity because my family were giving me hell and using me and exploiting my good nature and driving me insane and I wanted his advice as to how to cope with it all and he said, “Look bro, sit down one night when you’re calm and centred and together and write a considered email to them all, and use these words: “Dear family, if you are ever in genuine trouble you can count on me 100% but if you are just being exceedingly immature and selfish then you won’t see me for dust and the silence will be immense.” And I said to him that sounded really considered and measured and useful and thanked him for his wise advice. So I went home and sat down and began typing, ‘Dear family, you are all a bunch of phucked up emotional vampires with no conscience or limits to your self-absorbed dysfunctional crazed irrational behaviour and unfortunately you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family and I just want you to know that I couldn’t care if an alien spaceship landed tonight and took you all to Betelgeuse. Don’t circle back.’ Now I know this wasn’t exactly what Tristram recommended…but it felt a whole lot better to say it that way. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling right?

  13. There is absolutely nothing that President Biden or a future President Trump can do – about gas prices, unless we start buying massive quantities of gas from the Russians. Think about that one – long and hard.

  14. What "American culture"? Guns? Assault Rifles? Mass Shootings? Children with guns killing each other? half-pound burgers? the Kardashians? Serial killers? Coke, the national drink? Bouncy houses? Reality tv? etc., etc., etc.

  15. 3:17 Is it just me or
    Is it bothersome to Anyone else that Fox News calls the White House and tells them what to do?
    Does anyone else wonder how many times that happened while trump was pi$$ing on the WH furniture?

    4:10 The fact that Fox Believed trump Could stop the “riot” tells me they Knew he was in Charge of the insurrection.

    5:50 The fact that McCarthy Believed trump Could stop the “riot” tells me he Knew trump was in Charge of the insurrection.

    7:38 The fact that these “defusses” are recorded saying the things they’ve said and NOTHING has happened to any of them says a lot too.

    The Fact that so many people Knew.
    The fact that so many people thought “trump was out of touch with reality”
    The fact that none of them tried to stop him, or even report him, says a lot.

    11:11 Their predictions of ratings for the hearings didn’t age well. Last I saw 20 Million people watched live.

  16. Ya know Kevin good old Kevin had to get something for him to turn as he had. It may not have been cash but I'm convinced his actions and words say and prove compensation was offered and received. He's a sell out and lier . I hope the massive house of lies he has spin will soon crashi down upon him. When it does I hope he gets a sentence he's earned. One that represrnts the crimes he's committed and the disservice he has done to this country and it's citizens.. he can talk as much as he wants but he has no credibility. His integrity had left him long ago. If he were an honorable man , which he is not, the only thing he had left that he can do is to resign.

  17. The actual vote count never mattered to the GOP.

    I think their plan since before Drumpf even decided to run for office in 2016 was for their presidency to end in a treasonous dictatorship, one way or another (via pandemic, martial law, nuclear war, election fraud, etc), and I've been screaming it in social media since then.

    Republicans are still fighting / lusting for a white supremacist, fascist, Christian dictatorship / civil war, as they have been since the rise of Obama and the subsequent rise of Republican fear, bigotry (fear) and greed (fear). They'll go full Nazi if we let them.

    We’re closer to American Civil War II than most people believe and just like before our own friends and family members would take up arms against us for not getting on board with their extreme greed and bigotries just like the Confederates in 1865 they literally idolize or like the Nazis in 1938.

    It's not a race war, it's a (worldwide, unified) war against racists (and inequality in general)!

    #theyvotedforaBigot #BuildBridgesNotWalls #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo #BLM #RepublicansAreNazis #InsideJob #IndictTrump #BanAllInsurrectionists

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