Bernie Sanders ROCKS Lindsey Graham In Fox Information Debate


Unbiased senator Bernie Sanders laid the smack down on Republican senator Lindsey Graham all through a Fox Information debate. Here is the breakdown, together with 6 clips, starting from the entirety together with cash in politics, medicare-for-all, gasoline costs, and a lot more.


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Resources: (Fox debate phase 1, CaseStudyQB) (Fox debate phase 2, CaseStudyQB) (Rep. Diana DeGette, gasoline costs) (Globe & Mail, gasoline vs. oil value) (Industry Insider, gasoline costs) (Father or mother, oil & gasoline earnings bounce) (congress approval score)

Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Group sues to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan September 27, 2022
    The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Department of Education (ED) over its new student loan cancellation policy, becoming the first organization to challenge the Biden administration's move to forgive up to $20,000 in a student's debt. The federal lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in southern Indiana, contends...
  • Kaine to vote against Manchin permitting bill September 27, 2022
    Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D) announced Tuesday morning that he will vote against a motion to begin debate on Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) permitting reform bill, dealing a blow to Manchin’s hopes of passing the measure. Kaine said he will vote against a motion to proceed to a legislative vehicle that Senate Majority Leader Charles...
  • Court hands partial win to Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit September 27, 2022
    A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday handed former President Trump a partial victory in a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who accused Trump of raping her in the 1990s, with the court ruling that presidents are covered by a federal law that gives broad legal immunity to government employees. A divided...
  • US ambassador walks a post-Trump tightrope in Israel September 27, 2022
    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this report incorrectly identified the location of Bnei Brak. TEL AVIV – U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides said his main mission in the region is to “keep the waters calm.” Another view is that Nides is tasked with preventing any major waves for President Biden’s relationship with Israel, following...
  • Riggleman at center of new Jan. 6 controversy September 27, 2022
    Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), who previously worked as an adviser to the Jan. 6 select committee, is at the center of a new controversy engulfing the panel after he dropped a bombshell revelation while promoting his forthcoming book. In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” teasing his book, Riggleman said someone at the White...

24 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders ROCKS Lindsey Graham In Fox Information Debate

  1. Do you not understand Canada has a Healtb system set up just the way Bernie was describing, And it has Flopped big time, People can't get their surgeries on time, Dying waiting….Too many people overcrowding the system…

  2. He tore that man apart from the start with nothing but facts. Did Lindsay do any research or just memorize Heritage House talking points? Typical clueless politician.

    The American people have wanted United Healthcare for well over a decade. How do people keep buying this shit? If America passed legislation based on what the people care about, then the Supreme Court would not have refused to codify the unconstitutionality of Roe V Wade and just kicked it back to the states. The American people want Roe v Wade to stay, at ~60% which is huge. The Justices are corrupt, but understand the law does not support ruling in favor of Republicans, so they found a work around.

  3. Politician campaign must stopped immediately to be funded by corporations. This is sick. No other serious country allows such official corruption to happen. This is not democracy anymore.

  4. I'm listening I'm sick of the bias shit these days I'm gonna vote for trump that's no question but what Bernie Sanders said I liked there's no question about it he came straight up with it and I don't really like Lindsey Graham he seems a little shady. But defunding the police was a bad thing As we could see what's been going on.

  5. I hate how the Dems on his team clipped his wings to install Biden & how Hollywood stars keep influencing the vote against the true winner of all his debates. Now we go from one looser to the next Literally. Something smells fishy 🤔

  6. What media are you working for, Bernie Sanders has been a socialist, where in the world are going to get all the money to pay all these government giveaways except mandate payments which is a socialistic, dictatorial, communistic form of government… AND SO, THE CONSTITUTION WILL BE REPLACED, AND AMERICA WILL BE GONE as a great Republic. Is Bernie Sanders trying to rewrite and replace America as a country. You know as many senor citizens how medicare is being corrupted. This has to be strengthened not expanded which can be done as a capitalistic country.

  7. Mahatma Gandhi lived his political life working against (what he referred to as) seven social sins. One of which is "Politics without principle". Lindsey Graham, on BBC's Hard-talk, proudly boasted how he abandoned all of his principles in favour of his support to Trump – because Trump was a means to power. Lindsey Graham is a vile self-serving liar and a cheat. He is a man who has had to have been conceived some place somewhere up the devil's arsehole.

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