Biden administrations ignores fentanyl disaster – till now


Former Drug Enforcement Management particular operations ops professional Derek Maltz joined ‘Tucker Carlson This night' to speak about the continuing fentanyl epidemic affecting American citizens national. #foxnews #tucker #tuckercarlsontonight

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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

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48 thoughts on “Biden administrations ignores fentanyl disaster – till now

  1. The person that is. Keeping the.Borders wide open welcoming all this crime to our country ..they want us all dead .or else they would enforce our laws …congress is to blame democrats no 1 …

  2. MEDIA LITERACY FOLKS, it’s important. There is an easily accessible audio recording of Tucker Carlson talking about how awesome fentanyl made him feel, now he’s on tv saying this lol. Fentanyl overdoses DOUBLED from the time trump became president until he left. This isn’t a new problem, but it is a problem. Def doesn’t help when people like Tucker Carlson politicize it or champion the use of it! Fake News.

  3. Killing off population within the nation 1st Ederly 2nd Veterans 3rd Chronic Diseased 4th Addicts it's not just statistics it's actually happening……if they die someone saves more money

  4. Because the vitaministration are there all evil they don't care if kids are dying my son died of fentanyl that's why they closing the border they're making money by killing our kids and whatever else they're doing to them they're all sick in their heads they like that sick stuff you see biting sniffing little girls hair I guess he's taking showers with his daughter too so they got to be kind of sick don't you think kind of makes your stomach turn want to make you puke

  5. Since they are talking about fentanyl, one would think they would use a picture of fentanyl on the video… That was Molly or MDMA or Acid for the older people. But that is not fentanyl

  6. if you think this is something just think of what else might be coming across the border with out bidens admins notice from weapons to nuclear material to make dirty bombs. i thought certain people made threats against certain cities in america not long ago wont be long before we know if the threats were real or not. just saying have you ever watched the film the sum of all fears?

  7. Why don't they get the military army .navy. Marines.. and whoever else around the world ..take people go over there and Storm Into the cartels like they do other countries . And stop that..I. don't get it.. cuz this is a War on Drugs

  8. I pray god sends me to hell if I post a lie. GOP are home grown desperate lying terrorists. Desperate childish right media just lie distract and spew propaganda like saying its all REDACTED documents, no evidence of anything, They just attack Democrats. NOW THE FACTS Copy search headings on google image GOP asked Trump to pardon Republicans Trump says pleading the 5th means your guilty Donald Trump pleads the 5th Eric Trump pleads the 5th Republicans plead the 5th Republicans block evidence documents Republicans block witnesses Republicans refuse to testify FBI Mara-Lago Documents Trump documents hidden Trump documents evidence Trump top secret classified documents Trump shredded documents Capitol riot texts evidence Republican Lawmakers Fanned the Flames before Capitol riot Capitol Police probing claims GOP lawmakers gave tours to Trump supporters before riot Capitol riot plead guilty House GOP leaders won’t support probe of Jan. 6 Capitol riot Capitol riot organizers had meetings with White house staff

  9. That the government is the drug dealers. For example open borders allowing drugs to flow into country dems are truly Chinese operatives, and f_ _k the ccp nuck them, and the gostpo run democratic party of criminals.

  10. Why is biden thinking about this now? is hunter got another addiction ? Don't worry pal just seen the article about you and I think your clear. Step up and check out the circus run by the biggest clown. WE THE PEOPLE AND IN GOD WE TRUST

  11. Look, let Republicans know that the next 4 years, Trump should be president, and De Santis vice president. And then De Santis becomes president for 8 years. So they get 12 years.

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