Biden reputable's 'liberal global order' observation is going viral


Fox Information contributor Joe Concha and ‘Outnumbered’ co-hosts speak about inflation in President Biden’s The usa as commute, meals prices skyrocketing forward of the July 4th weekend.

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Date: September 8, 2022

RSS The Hill

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27 thoughts on “Biden reputable's 'liberal global order' observation is going viral

  1. Russia Russia, Russia. 🤔 Hum… That is a LIE! In the first place it must be emphasized that the joe administration is not engaged in an moral historical, social justice with Russia. Accordingly it has to do with Joe and hunter in Ukraine previous to the conflict. Based in truth according to E-mails reviewed by THE POST Hunter was financing biological laboratories in ukraine

  2. This is just another negative solution and there is no room in his mind for a positive solution. It is as
    his conscience is condemning his evil thinking. Human beings need a spirit that has judicial power to punish stupidity. This is the wisdom of our "Creator" so that an evil being given to foolishness and recklessness has immediate judgement. This is the action of A.I. robots to take control from fools and place mankind on a planet so they are no longer a threat to higher beings. Our visitors must be here in even larger numbers to ensure their rules of conduct are enforced. My view is their rules are
    in perfect compliance and the conscience is performing it's job.


  4. Putin wanted Trump because he knew he could manipulate him. Trump is totally driven by greed and , among wishes, still wants that Trump tower in Moscow and financing to do it. He also worked alot to dismantle NATO and pressed G-7 hard , trying desperately to get russia back in. Have to believe Trump had knowledge of Putins Ukraine, etc. goals. Could /would he have tried to stop him, as they were so close and putin was fighting nazi's. ?,

  5. YEE HAAAAWWWW!!!! I just LERV Far Right FOX Hillbilly Trailer Trash TV!!!!! We done got inflation in the rest of the DANG world too, hillbillies! Do we blame Biden? No, because we're not uneducated far right extremist YANKS!

  6. I disagree. We are being brainwashed with that new world order saying. Can't say I support your words. President Donald Trump is needed back in WHITE HOUSE! YOU MR. TRUMP HAVE MY SUPPORT. How can you President Biden to blame Russia? You allow Ukraine to be bomb by Russia with no support until the last moment of innocent lives kids lose their lives because you President Biden did nothing until it was to late.

  7. Trump made the USA a net exporter of oil by the end of his term. Biden first order of business was to shut down Keystone and stop drilling with the result that he is now begging dictatorships around the globe to please ship us some oil. And it's Russia's fault?

  8. The American Agenda Donald J Trump, the most investigated person on earth. Non – Criminal investigations have a name "Underhanded Violence"! A political smear campaign a crime committed against an innocent person.

  9. It's your fault for buying oil from russia sleepy joe. America was great under Trump's leadership. Then the libs had to create fear with man made COVID to control WE THE PEOPLE. We need God in America again. Stop handing out condoms at school and had out bibles.

  10. Bendahara perekonomian unnesco dan nato sya pilih dari negara mexico . Amerika masih kurang pintar.genius masih kurang jauh. Tdak ada kerjasama pemerintahan sya negara indonesia dgn negara amerika serikat, rusia,chinese. Mereka terlalu pintar tetapi tdk bisa menghasilkan utk negara nya sendiri terlalu pintar iatilah baliknya terlalu bego sekali.

  11. When you look like Fire Marshall Bill,and your daily descions and remarks are an "insurance oppurtunity. There it is! Lmao. America is in really serious trouble. Oh wait, its "Cultural" so im daily ingesting. Bunch of BS!

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