Biden spouts 'gibberish' about cannons and banning guns while root causes are ignored


Greg Gutfeld and the panel on ‘The Five' sound off on Democrats' anti-Second Amendment drumbeat. #foxnews #thefive

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Date: August 20, 2022

RSS The Hill

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44 thoughts on “Biden spouts 'gibberish' about cannons and banning guns while root causes are ignored

  1. I helped Trump with alot of stuff when he was President and I donated everything I am to his 2020 campaign. Don't EVER refer to me as Biden again. I'm the most conservative person you've ever seen

  2. 3:45 "Mass shootings even though they aren't rare enough are rare, you could go without having one for six years." Whaaaaaat???? When? Are we living in different realities here? Why lie so blatantly?

  3. Kamala Harris is an idiot and I'll tell you why, when they start Banning highest high magazine weapons like AR-15s, the problem you're going to have is you stop drug drug smugglers they're going to be well-armed to the teeth.

  4. I'm next to positive that biden doesn't know that AR doesn't stand for assault rifle, it stands for ArmaLite rifle, the company that first released the AR15 was called ArmaLite they called it the ArmaLite 15, not the assault rifle 15.

  5. F Biden he's well protected and doesn't want to protect our children and do not take away our guns as this @$$#@ Biden doesn't give a f about Americans that are in harm's way because of his insane executive orders that are destroying America

  6. In their opposition to gun control, Republicans in Congress clearly are prioritizing the sentiments of gun lovers in their party over any other perspective, even that of other Republican voters. The Pew polling found that significant majorities of Americans support background checks (81 percent), an assault-weapons ban (63 percent), and a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines (64 percent); a majority also opposes concealed carry of weapons without a permit. Majorities of Republicans who don’t own guns shared those opinions, as did Democratic gun owners, by even more lopsided margins. Even most Republicans who do own guns said in the polling that they support background checks and oppose permitless concealed carry (which more red states, including Texas, are authorizing). Despite all of this, Republican elected officials, in their near-lockstep opposition to gun control, have bent to groups like the NRA in equating almost any restrictions as a sign of disrespect to the values of red America.

  7. The White House is hardened just like every other federal building!! Why wouldn’t we harden schools to protect our children? It can’t be about cost as we are sending billions of dollars to Ukraine.

  8. I never realized that a 9mm is a high caliber that will blow your lungs out if you’re shot by it. More people are killed by hammers than so called assault weapons. Ban hammers they’re dangerous.

  9. My god fox ye are so out of touch with reality gun are the problem no where else in the world does these mass shootings take place on a almost daily basis no wonder yer country is so broken..

  10. Who cares about where the money came from to buy the guns? How is that an issue? The signs, if any, leading up to this is the issue. His age, ethnicity, etc isn’t the issue nor is the myriad possible f other superficial ’reasons’. And for Jessica to continue to spout the misinformation of cops standing around in the hallways is the biggest issue.

  11. Assault is an action and is not a type of gun. This shows how much they understand guns. Why not require extensive gun training in order to purchase and own a gun just like Switzerland. Why not teach gun safety in schools, like Switzerland?

  12. It's basically the end of the world. Definitely the USA. And is sad. So sad what these people have done after how great everything was when Trump was President!

  13. They tied the cops hands ,and we see how much destruction it caused, all I'm saying is that there has to be another way if we have guards with scanners or teachers trained with special boxes for there own use against a lock down .

  14. The hardest problem with talking to an extreme leftist about fire arms is that the best way to stop a bad guy who has a gun is with a good guy who has a gun. Pointing out that fact to those extreme leftists is considered to be anathema!!!

  15. Jessica says the democrats are always willing to discuss mental health in relationship to gun control. Then why in 2019, when Sen Cornyn, R-Tx brought forth a gun control measure that included Mental Health, and the Democrats let it die in committee without even bring it up for discussion. I'll tell you why … because it was brought forth by a Republican and the Democrats won't let that happen. Now they (Democrats) are bring up many of the same ideas that were in that bill touting they're trying to do something, but they had the chance in 2019 and let political ideology rule their thinking.

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