Biden Tweaks Fox News, Mocks GOP At White House Correspondents' Dinner


On Saturday night, President Biden mocked Fox News and Republicans at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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Date: August 20, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Biden Tweaks Fox News, Mocks GOP At White House Correspondents' Dinner

  1. Have fun while it last Joey and White House Correspondents. The boots are about to drop on the Biden Crime Family and Fake News from the laptop from hell and Special Council Durham's criminal investigation that will go all the way to the Obama Biden White House.

  2. Obidenstan potato head China Joe is a clueless ignorant liberal! He needs to be impeached for treason ! Let's go Brandon FJB! He and all those fools wont be laughing when we see them this November and in 2024!😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Biden won't be laughing in November. People are sick of his economy. Impeachment shouldn't take long, unlike Trump's fake impeachments GOP has evidence of Crimes against the people

  4. Well that's where you're going to be and everybody will laugh at you you shouldn't knock a really great news media that have told the truth about truth about you and your son hunter about stealing and being criminals and you don't like it because I'm not telling you everything because you are so naive

  5. You're not the but a liar not everyone is vaccinated or boosted that's how much you know about what goes on in real life. Don't cut yourself on the back and don't give yourself credit for what you have done here you have destroyed your own country and caused inflation high gas and all the problems with the border and with this war. Don't pot yourself on the back and they're laughing at you

  6. Yeah because everybody wants a good joke and to laugh at you. And I don't see why you're not in Fox orSaying garbage about them. There are the ones who are telling the truth about you and you don't like i They are a fantastic news. And they are not fake news they tell it the way they do their research a lot deeper than your fake news that you pay for

  7. Biden is so low. All he can do is point fingers. Why doesn’t he actually do something for the citizens, like protecting the border’s or lowering inflation. Reducing petroleum prices would also be nice.

    A President should not be putting other’s down. He should be uplifting and helping the citizens, not the illegal immigrants. Biden has allowed the immigrants more right’s than the citizens 🤬

  8. It's amazing to me that he could deliver all those jokes without forgetting any of them or doing it without mumbling or anything to make an ass out of himself like usual. What drug is he on?

  9. “I’m not here to roast the GOP” followed by 3 more attacks on the GOP.

    This guy is something else.

    “I will unite the country” 1st lie of 15 months of continued lies.

  10. So to get trump voters he calls them a plaque, and he’s had a world record of over 1 million covid deaths himself and trump has less than 200.000.
    Thing is your losing ⚠️

  11. To demo-communists a horrible plague is low gas prices, low grocery bills, low energy costs, no troops getting killed in the middle east, freedom of speech……..

  12. Isn't it something to have lifelong Congressman who runs America in the dirt taking shots at Trump and Republicans that had our country and it's people on top

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