Biden's primetime deal with is a political speech: Gallagher


‘Outnumbered' panelists speak about President Biden's upcoming primetime deal with at the ‘soul of the country,' which critics have known as a marketing campaign speech. #FoxNews

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Date: August 31, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Statehouse efforts to avoid partisan gridlock hit obstacles January 31, 2023
    Leaders in state legislatures across the country have turned to cross-party alliances and power-sharing agreements as they seek to avoid the political deadlock that has hindered lawmakers in Congress — but signs are emerging that some of those efforts might be in vain. Legislatures in Alaska, Ohio and Pennsylvania started off their sessions this year...
  • If ‘Independent’ were a party, it could dominate American politics January 31, 2023
    If the nation’s political independents somehow formed a party, polls suggest, they could dominate American politics. Two-fifths of Americans identified as independent in 2022, far more than stood with either party, according to Gallup. As a political identity, “independent” has polled better than Democrat or Republican since 2009. It wasn’t always so. Going back to...
  • House GOP set to rev engine with first investigatory hearings  January 31, 2023
    House Republicans will push their long-planned investigations into the spotlight this week with hearings on the U.S.-Mexico border and COVID-19 relief spending programs, providing a first glimpse of how GOP leaders will use the biggest tools they have against Democrats and the Biden administration — and how they will set the tone for the 2024...
  • Trump-DeSantis rivalry approaches boiling point January 31, 2023
    The long-simmering tensions between former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) are nearing a boiling point amid signs that DeSantis and his team are actively moving toward a 2024 presidential run. DeSantis’s national ambitions have long irked Trump, who sees himself as the Florida governor’s political benefactor and the GOP’s presumptive 2024 nominee....
  • Senate Judiciary mulls action amid fallout from Durham probe January 30, 2023
    The Senate Judiciary Committee is pledging to review the actions of former special counsel John Durham following reports of inappropriate handling of his probe into the investigation of former President Trump. Recent reporting from The New York Times detailed ethical concerns during the probe that prompted numerous staff departures, including concerns over former Attorney General Bill Barr’s...

29 thoughts on “Biden's primetime deal with is a political speech: Gallagher

  1. This administration is dangerous and should be removed from office immediately He literally is a domestic enemy along with members in Congress who abuse their positions of authority to attack their political opposition and enrich themselves Trump never used this language only called out the criminality and deep state corruption going on in both parties maga has taken over the Right Commies have taken over the left we won't be violent we will turn back on the rule of law and throw you idiots in prison for your actual crimes not the baseless fake crimes the left spews

  2. White rasist Jim Joe cro white prejudiced white privilege ultra mega fascist this is what the president of united state of America has said about me this is all ok

  3. Stop the BS of the government was going to be overthrown. That's the Fn big lie Leslie! The only one that died was an unarmed woman shot by a cop without reason. Over throwing the government with out weapons?? And to accuse President Trump of wanting that and lose the last chance to have the votes recounted you're delusional. Tell the truth.

  4. Oh and I don't think that she is correct that rhetoric is also Insanity they were not trying to overthrow our government they were standing up against the coup against our president that they succeeded in.

  5. People were using rhetoric calling Nancy pelosi racist and I remember Trump coming to her defense saying you could call Nancy many things but racist is not one of them but yet she is so divisive and evil that she has done all of this collusion against the then-sitting president of the United States

  6. Let's take up a collection real quick and whoever's running that teleprompter let's pay him to block it out what do you say you want to go for it or not somebody answer please answer I say we take the take the money up and put it in the account right now all you have to do is just pull the plug will give you enough money to retire on LOL

  7. Have u ever met an evil brat kid that just wants to make as much havoc as possible? Would u give that kid any power? Now u understand what we have as potus.

  8. I respect no person that raises a drug addicted child predator and openly states that he is the smartest person he knows😳Our elected officials can’t keep there citizens or cities safe and we trust them with the entire Country.

  9. Marshall is wrong again! Biden started attacking and dividing during his inauguration speech! He’s done nothing but attack anyone who disagrees with him! He keeps pushing and pushing! Looking for a negative response!

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