Biden’s ‘terrible’ admin. is ‘totally ignoring’ this: Rep. Steube


Republican Rep. Greg Steube weighs in at the U.S.’s announcement for an extra $775 million in new Ukraine army support, together with the have an effect on of unlawful immigration on Florida’s coastal border. #foxnews

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Date: August 26, 2022

RSS The Hill

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26 thoughts on “Biden’s ‘terrible’ admin. is ‘totally ignoring’ this: Rep. Steube

  1. Spending , Spending Liberals , Bankrupt Our Children's Future , But Liberals Want Big GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL EVERYTHING ! THAT'S THE PLAN !

  2. President Bill Clinton obligated the usa to support the Ukraine if Russia invaded, the Ukranian government were obligated to disasmble its nuclear forces. Why do you have a stupid,lieing pair of mouthpieces.

  3. War is coming because the Globalists need a big Distraction and when they Start sending troops after they declare War , there will start a Civil War here…

  4. I know it's off topic but she's a beautiful news Lady 🙂 Yes American first. Joe needs to take some kinda test and if he can't take he needs out should have happened long time ago. Seems like the people that does the talking for him is abusing a elderly buy tarnished his name he not be around much longer according to age. You think he wants to go down in history as the worst president. I would not think so

  5. Unfortunately the world is stuck with revengeful old people, blinded by their own insecurities of old age , burning in the fires jealousy of younger generation, leaving no stones unturned to ensure they inflict misery and destruction before the maker calls for them. DISGUSTING!!!!

  6. FBI should make a raid to those organizations who sent 10,6 billion abroad, to take their boxes with paper reports, and to show to Public where 10,6 billion were spent. Please, provide American taxpayers with the full, OPEN for public, reports where 10,6 billion were spend (abroad?). Why should American taxpayer pay more money if we do not know where and how our money spent

  7. An additional money laundering deposit of our tax dollars. I no longer feel like I was born in the US and that we are being led by a ghost administration whose main objective is to take care of themselves and their friends. I am disgusted.

  8. wow, 10,6 billions were stolen from American taxpayers, sent abroadg, , made the inflation high, made the U.S national debt higher for 10,6 billions that Russia would hit the U.S back with nukes. I do not understand a such policy of "national security"

  9. All of the IRS agents (82,000) that Biden abd his admins are hiring is so the IRS can go after us, the american people and so they can STEAL OUR HARD EARN MONEY.

    Think about that for a minute…
    This is money we earned bevause we worked. And since we worked very hard and long hours everyday just to make ends meet.
    The IRS. Is going to go after us for working and making money.
    This is money we worked for. Nobody helped me work for it or gave amything to me for it.
    Yet, the IRS is going to go after us just because we worked.

  10. Just shows how twisted this admins is. They rather spend millions of dollars on a foreign country than on our country(USA), beginning with the southetn border. They don't even know where that money is going since the USA government is nit bothering to trace it. They are giving Ukraine all of this money that is paid for by us, the american people only on their word. How do you like that?
    And the USA is giving weapons to Ukraine which are being sold online in the black market.
    Does Biden and his admins bother to trace those weapons?
    NO, not at all.

  11. I will continue to say that we need to get this crooked Anti-American adminastration out of office, ASAP. We need a leader that will put America first.
    We need to put a do over clause into the Presidential election in order to eliminate this from ever happining in future elections. ( Either you are for the USA or You Are Out) FJB

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