Bill Maher roasts the New York Times for Kavanaugh hypocrisy


‘The Big Saturday Show' panelists react to comedian Bill Maher slamming the paper over how it covered the alleged plot to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Date: August 19, 2022

RSS The Hill

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43 thoughts on “Bill Maher roasts the New York Times for Kavanaugh hypocrisy

  1. Bill Maher is a democrat from 50 years ago when they still understood what this country stands for and respected the Constitution. They now, IMHO, are nothing but traitors hellbent on destroying our value system. Since he is apparently a reasonable man, I would love to have a private conversation with him to better understand his hatred for Donald Trump. Heck, I don't particularly LIKE Trump, but his policies for this country were spot on. Look what we have now!

  2. It is perfectly legal to peacefully protest a government official concerning their actions. It's against the law to Threaten, coerce, intimidate, and assault a public official. You can approach a federal judge and tell them that you disagree with a decision they make. You just can't use a threat of violence against them.

    If those who descended onto the Capital on the 6th of Jan can be called "Patriots", then someone going on Instagram and divulging the private address of our SCOTUS is a "Patriot" as well.

  3. I hate that they are calling it an assassination attempt. The guy called police to say he had a gun in his bag and plans, but turned himself in. Unless I'm missing something.

  4. So if people attacking capital hill is bad and asking for securing the hill is an obbligation then what about other parts of US branch like supreme court !! That Congress woman is very ignorant some laws must be executed and introduced to the fullest with very clean red line which if someone cross it will face capital punishment whether he or she is white black left right woke or not

  5. Wait what? There was an assassination attempt on this guy? I mean I saw NO coverage of this till I heard it here just now.. What in the actual fk. That is some biased media coverage.

  6. Biased media hosts carrying on about other biased media.

    At least Bill Mahr calls out his own liberals when they are wrong.

    How many times does Fox call out their own?

  7. Bill Maher is pointing out hypocrisy. Fox News is celebrating it. So much irony in the world. One guy even says : new your times is a bunch of activists pretending to be journalists.

  8. Wow. Fox News showing their hypocrisy yet again. If this had been a liberal judge, yall wouldnt even be talking about it. Yall would find a way to blame them for it. Bunch of complete clowns. And they have nerve to talk about BIAS🤣 Trump is responsible for many deaths on Jan 6th but you kiss his sack each and every day.

  9. Cops got beef for Rodney, Floyd, the school, and pelosi husband. Cops took a pic of Bryant scene, cops in Hawthorne, ca. facts! Cops know how to catch criminals and violate rights, but they deal with minor investigations and are more of n trouble from people who know their rights. Government gets jealous American citizens know their human rights. We most people don’t talk to cops and lawyers and judges like in the courtroom lingo and knowledge of court rules. We’re cool enough just being free Americans.

  10. Its all a game. He is playing the moderates. Gaining their trust. And right when they need him again he will double down and lead them astray.

  11. A lib seeing truth is not in their nature ~ say something that's true and easily checked is nothing, Mr. Bamar is a political satire specialist nothing more, he's late night as they come, but has no show.

  12. Let me know when Fox accepts the criticism Bill makes of their propaganda Network. And speaking of not covering something for god sakes they are the only Network that didn't air the house hearings so talk about hypocrisy they exceed anything anybody else does

  13. In the meantime, Mike Pence barely escaped an assassination attempt on Jan 6 and several police officers were horribly abused and injured by Trump supporters but all Fox has to say is, "meh". Please don't pretend that you care about victims of crime or injustice. It only matters if it happens to you.

  14. And once again Fox cherry-picks thru Maher's honest and/or funny comments to troll the "libs". A true "liberal" is someone who is liberal-minded to the extent that we recognize a truth or fact or idea for what it is. And are NOT afraid to accept it, or to SAY so. If more GOP candidates were that mentally aware I'd vote for one here or there, like I used to do back when it was a real party. Just saying, of course. No offense to anyone in particular….except Fox News.

  15. It’s sad but.. they just hate conservatives. They hate us. It’s to the point where if a conservative were to get hurt or even killed God forbid, I think some on the left would quite literally take pleasure in it. I think it would put a smile on some of their faces. How differences in ideas between people who coexist in the same country ever came to this.. it’s just insanity. It’s what has helped bring them to a point of being openly biased, morals be damned. . It’s gone too far… nowadays they take it right to the abyss.

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