Come on, Trump won’t help push vaccinations

Not a man of science

Vaccine effort could use a ‘Trump Bump’ | Editorial, July 18

How the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board could envision this country improving its health and ridding itself of COVID-19 by relying on an anti-science demagogue like Donald Trump is frighteningly fascinating. Editorial board members seem to have forgotten some things. Remember when Trump stated that COVID-19 would simply “poof” and disappear months and months ago? That taking hydroxychloroquine would get rid of COVID? When he touted bleach as sound treatment? Trump repeatedly reminded us that COVID was a “Chinese virus,” stoking the flames of international distrust and ethnic prejudice and tensions. So do you all really think Trump is going to do a 180 and become “reborn” as an ambassador for science and established medical protocol?

Ron Thuemler, Tampa

What protests are allowed?

Can Florida protesters supporting Cuba face penalties under anti–riot law? | July 13

I support the Cuban demonstrators as it is their right in our great country to do that — protest. The governor would appear to be hypocritical on whether or not his new new anti-riot applied to the Cuban demonstrators who shut down streets. Well okay. Is it because they are good and dependable voters? Will he show the same consideration for other legal demonstrations such as the plight of farmworkers, the Israel-Palestinian issue, the abortion issue, race relations and discrimination, equal rights, housing, Muslim discrimination, etc.? There was not a “riot,” just a gathering of concerned Americans following their right to protest. Good for them.

Ross P. Alander, Tampa

The aims of education

New civics curriculum approved | July 15

“We’re going to teach our kids about the evil of things like communism and socialism,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said. No, governor, the purpose of education is not to teach the evil of things; it is to teach students to become critical thinkers by researching the facts with the use of primary source documents and holding informed discussions using facts and philosophies. Education is about listening to all sides of an issue and using those skills to make informed decisions. Education is not to teach students the reason that things are evil.

Carol Hess, Hudson

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