Dershowitz Defends Cosby, Compares Him to Trump, Claims They’re Both Political Victims

Favorably comparing serial predator Bill Cosby to former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, celebrity attorney-turned-right-wing pundit Alan Dershowitz cranked the hot-take dial all the way up to 11 by claiming both men were victims of a political mob.

Dershowitz, who represented Trump during his first impeachment, appeared on Newsmax on Wednesday to ostensibly discuss the Trump Organization’s mounting legal problems. After Dershowitz said the “ultimate prize” of the criminal investigations into the company is Trump himself, anchor Heather Childers then switched gears to Cosby, asking the lawyer to weigh in on the 83-year-old comedian’s sexual-assault conviction being vacated.

“It’s very similar,” the retired Harvard Law professor declared. “The original district attorney said there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute and assured Cosby that if he testified at the civil case he wouldn’t be prosecuted.”

He continued: “Then another prosecutor runs for office on the promise that she will prosecute Cosby and she goes after him and prosecutes him, and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania properly ruled that you can’t go back on a grant of immunity and that it violated the Cosby’s due process to be prosecuted after he testified, based on an assurance that he wouldn’t be prosecuted. So there’s a real similarity in both instances.”

Dershowitz went on to say that in both cases, you see “efforts to politically benefit” going after a public figure “who’s unpopular,” adding that prosecutors are trying to get re-elected by targeting these individuals.

“It’s a distortion of the way the criminal-justice system should operate in both cases,” he exclaimed. “And it was a good thing that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court slapped down the second district attorney and said, No, you violated due process. That’s unconstitutional.’”

It’s probably just pure coincidence that Dershowitz, who previously served as the attorney for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and has been accused of sexual misconduct himself, is coming to the defense of yet another powerful rich man accused of serial sexual predation.

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