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MONTANA- Late Saturday night former president Donald Trump hosted one of his first rallies since leaving office, on stage the former president questioned the validity of the treasure states 2020 election.

“In Montana, over 6% of a certain county's mail-in ballots are missing, evidence to prove that they were legitimate or not. They are missing all this evidence. Think of it, Montana, a lot of mail-in ballots. Where do you have the mail-in ballots, by the way?”- the former president said on stage.


There have been no reports of 6% of any counties mail-in ballots “missing” in Montana, if that information changes or new information is revealed we will update this web copy.

There is potential the former president could be referring to State Representative Brad Tschida's claims that ballots that were not counted in Missoula, the Missoula commission sent a letter to Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen dismissing the claims, pointing out that secondary envelopes with barcodes were missing from theses voters making it impossible for them to match the signature on the envelopes.

Meaning, a voter did not properly fill out their ballot and send it in to the elections office in correct form.

It should be noted there is a difference between an accusation of “missing ballots,” and ballots that cannot be counted due to a voter not sending in the ballot with the correct information.

This is the first accusation by the former president of irregularities in Montana, it was stated by Twitter users that the former president may have confused the state of Montana with the state of Michigan.

Timeline of the 2020 election in Montana:

On August 6, Governor Bullock announced a directive giving Montana counties the option to include mail-in voting for the upcoming general election in November, but also required them to keep in-person voting as an option on election day.

Complaints were filed by the RNC and Donald J. Trump for President INC. The appellants contend that Governor Steve Bullock has overstepped in his capacity as Governor in his August 6th directive allowing Montana counties to conduct all mail-in elections for the general election if they so choose.

The Supreme Court on rejected a bid by Republicans and the Trump campaign to block mail voting in Montana.

On October 24th, 2020 Stapleton came on Wake Up Montana and discussed the election. You can watch that LIVE interview by following this link.

Election night: Former President Donald Trump won the state by 16 points. According to the former Republican Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, the election was certifiable.

In total, the former president beat the current president by over 100,000 votes in Montana.

On November 7, 2020, the former Republican Secretary of State tweeted,

On November 30, 2020, Stapleton tweeted the certification certificate certifying the election in the state of Montana, that certificate was signed by then state auditor and current Congressman Matt Rosendale. Rosendale won his congressional seat in the 2020 election.

Rosendale is a staunch conservative who has been a steadfast supporter of the former president, Rosendale was also present for the interaction on the capital on January 6, 2021.

The congressman recently voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals for fallen U.S. Capitol Police officers killed in the line of duty, two of which were killed in the line of duty at the capital on January 6, 2021.

Rosendale has been vocal about his belief that there was voter fraud and irregularities in other states. Rosendale has also been a staunch critic of Congresswoman Liz Cheney from neighboring Wyoming for her vote on impeachment.

In December of 2020, the Texas Attorney General filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court asking that the 62 Electoral College votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin be dismissed. Montana's Attorney General did join that suit, the lawsuit was later dismissed.

Most recent:

The most recent headlines about Montana’s involvement in the 2020 election was surrounding the Maricopa county recount.

We know copies of election data from Maricopa County in Arizona were sent to a lab in Montana.

However, it wasn't confirmed what security measures are in place, what the lab in Montana will do with the data, or how long it will have the copy.

As more information is available about this story it will be updated here.

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