Herschel Walker will run for Senate in Georgia

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Still, even with Trump’s backing, Walker would have to clear a number of other obstacles, starting with a move to Georgia. He also must win over conservatives unfamiliar with his political leanings, hone policy stances, court donors and brace for scrutiny into a past that includes struggles with mental illness.

Some influential activists have publicly encouraged him to pass, while others are growing antsy for him to make up his mind, noting that Warnock has already consolidated Democratic support and has quickly amassed nearly $6 million in campaign donations.

Aside from Black, two military veterans — Kelvin King and Latham Saddler — have announced bids. Former U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler is also considering a rematch against Warnock, and she recently met with Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell.

Earlier today, Republican state Sen. Sen. Brandon Beach of Alpharetta told The John Fredericks Show that he’s “99%” sure that Walker would enter the race after July 4, when he settles a string of business considerations.

Trump was even more confident about Walker, who recently teased a possible move to Georgia with a tweet featuring his in-state license plate.

“I think he’d win. It would be very, very hard to beat Herschel,” Trump said on the show, which aired in Atlanta on XTRA 106.3 FM. “I think beating him will be very tough. And I think he’ll run.”

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