Plain Talk: Trump tool Tiffany displays his idiocy with Juneteenth vote | Dave Zweifel

In some states, July 5 became a day to celebrate the end of slavery, which today has morphed into June 19, the date that the last slaves were freed in Texas, some two years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

Indeed, she noted, in 1876, the year of the country’s centennial, many white newspapers ran articles deploring free Black people celebrating the country’s 100th anniversary of freedom — they dressed too finely and partied too elegantly, the newspapers said. It was above their station to do so.

Tiffany is yet another of the politicians to emerge from the Republican Party — once Lincoln's party — that holds sway in the state Legislature today, exemplified by the know-nothingism promoted by their once “great” leader and accomplished divider, Scott Walker.

Since he was elected to Congress in a special election to fill out the term of another Walker sycophant, Sean Duffy, in May of last year and then elected to a full two-year term last November, Tiffany has flown the colors of Donald Trump more than even some of his GOP colleagues have been able to stomach.

He's on board with the “stolen” election. He and another Wisconsin freshman Republican congressman, Scott Fitzgerald, advocated to have Vice President Mike Pence refuse to certify the election results. Tiffany's been against pandemic relief that has helped his own constituents, and he's a naysayer on the COVID-19 vaccines. Quite a resume for a former Wisconsin legislator who spent most of his time dismantling environmental regulations that have served to protect northwest Wisconsin's rivers, lakes and scenic beauty.

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