Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Donald Trump Jr.’s CPAC Bomb

Seth Meyers returned from a two-week vacation on Monday just in time to roast Donald Trump Jr. for his disastrous attempt at comedy at CPAC’s summer conference in Dallas.

“Trump revealed a lot about our politics,” the Late Night host began, “but one main thing is that many prominent Republicans are just super weird.” And no one is weirder than the former president’s eldest son, who tried and failed to tell some “incomprehensible jokes.”

After praising Texas for “leading the charge” on conservative action, Trump Jr. quickly backtracked to seemingly attack the Democratic members of the state House for taking over in Austin. “We’ve got to work on that stuff because those people have lost their minds,” he declared to crickets before the smile fell from his face. “Right?”

“Last time somebody bombed that badly he became The Joker,” Meyers said in response. “Don Jr. looked like he just walked into the scene in a student improv show and blanked. ‘Don, you said freeze, you gotta have something!’” Then, he added, “Don Jr. has all the charm and charisma of a dude selling time shares in a hotel conference room whose PowerPoint just crashed.”

Later, Meyers went after CPAC’s crowd for actually cheering low vaccination rates, joking, “That’s the political equivalent of clapping when a waiter drops some dishes.”

“This is what the Republican Party and right-wing media have wrought,” he added. “A movement that celebrates low vaccination rates and spins insane conspiracy theories about attempts to get more people to take a life-saving vaccine. If Republicans had any shame at all, they’d look inward and ask themselves how they got here, but they won’t because …”

With that, he basked once more in the glory of Trump Jr. saying, “Those people have lost their minds… right?”

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