Trump claims Wisconsin GOP leaders tried to ‘cover up’ election fraud

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said former President Donald Trump is "misinformed" in his statement that claimed legislative leaders in Wisconsin "are working hard to cover up election corruption" from 2020.

WISCONSIN DELLS – Former President Donald Trump's election loss loomed over the state Republican Party's annual gathering as legislative leaders celebrated their investigation into the contest just hours after the man who spurred those questions berated them for not doing enough. 

The convention closed with a symbolic and unsuccessful effort by a small group of delegates to oust Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, underscoring divisions within Wisconsin Republicans over whether and how far to litigate the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Vos, a Republican from Rochester, announced at Saturday's convention session he was hiring at taxpayer expense a former conservative Supreme Court justice to oversee an investigation by retired police detectives into the election — the third such review Vos has called for. 

But just hours beforehand, Trump issued a statement seeking to turn the GOP faithful against Vos and the Legislature's Republican leaders by accusing them of covering up election corruption because the review was not broad enough in the former president's view.  

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