Trump F Politian’s Up The Ass

He is hated by several major entities in America:

  • The Democrat Party → see him as a traitor because he used to be one of them, and he made them look stupid by beating Hillary Clinton in 2016
  • Hollywood → he used to be one of them too, and many people there are Democrats
  • Mainstream Media → Most tv stations and major newspapers are just propaganda arms of the Democrat Party, and most of the people who work in such establishments are Democrats. He also knows how to play them, beat them at their own game, and make them look stupid.
  • Washington Establishment → he really rocked the boat, disrupting all the plans of career politicians and brought their worst fears to life.
  • RINO Republicans → Relating to the establishment above, he disrupted their little deals they had cut with Dems in Washington, as well as embarrassing them and revealing them to be the backstabbers they actually were towards the GOP.
  • Big Tech → Many of the largest companies, such as Google and Facebook, are owned by people who are very hard-left and vote Democrat, as well as being in bed with the DNC.
  • Globalists → People who are found in nearly all the entities listed above who want to bring down America from within and establish a One World Order were shocked, horrified, and later pissed off that Trump ruined their plans for world domination that they had been so carefully cultivating for over 30 years.

While President Trump is a brash man who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, he did do things for America that actual Americans had been wanting, needing to have done for decades. The fact that this was hidden by a cloud of outright lies and misinformation, as well as plotting and sabotage, causes a lot of people to misunderstand what kind of a man he is.

Half of Americans (notably those with an IQ lower than 60) believed everything CNN and other tv news stations told them to think about what a horrible man Trump was. They were truly convinced that he was a monster and out to destroy America. They still think that, even while their beloved DNC and China F them up the ass.

Half of Americans were shocked and amazed that anybody, most notably the most unlikely guy, was willing to stand up to the Uniparty on Capitol Hill and tell them our country had had enough. He ripped off a lot of masks and revealed what we had all suspected for a long time, but weren’t sure about until 2016: that our country was being destroyed gradually by greedy, selfish, lying assholes who loved our enemies more than they loved America itself. and they had been screwing us over for decades and painting those screw-overs with pretty pictures and words.

Well, the genie’s out of the bottle now. Nothing the lying shitwads on Capitol Hill does now is gonna fool people, save for those stupid enough to think Beijing Biden’s gonna “save” America.

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