Trump slams Wisconsin GOP leader who hired retired police to investigate 2020 election

Former President Donald Trump chastised a top Republican lawmaker in Wisconsin who hired retired police officers to investigate the 2020 election.

A Friday night tweemail singled out Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, along with two other GOP lawmakers in the state, claiming they are working to conceal wrongdoing and prevent a “forensic audit” of the November contest.

“Wisconsin Republican leaders Robin Vos, Chris Kapenga, and Devin LeMahieu, are working hard to cover up election corruption in Wisconsin. They are actively trying to prevent a Forensic Audit of the election results, especially those which took place in Milwaukee, one of the most corrupt election locales in the country. Don’t fall for their lies!” Trump said in a statement issued by his Save America PAC.

“These REPUBLICAN ‘leaders' need to step up and support the people who elected them by providing them a full forensic investigation. If they don’t, I have little doubt that they will be primaried and quickly run out of office,” he added.


Vos announced in May he would hire police officers and an attorney to investigate parts of the November 2020 general election. Contracts obtained by the Associated Press reported this week show he has already hired some people to investigate “potential irregularities and/or illegalities” in the 2020 presidential election.

The report noted Republicans ordered a review of the election by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau, and Vos said he does not anticipate an audit similar to the GOP-led Arizona Senate's controversial Maricopa County review in Wisconsin because of his hiring of retired investigators.

President Joe Biden defeated Trump by about 20,600 votes in Wisconsin. Gov. Tony Evers certified the results in early December after a canvas and some county recounts.

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