Trump’s lawsuit over a golf course puts him at risk of criminal exposure

Trump sued in New York State Supreme Court to reinstate the contract — or to get his $30 million back. He claims he is a billionaire, so $30 million can’t mean that much to him, but he is suing anyway. Which is not in itself surprising. Suing is what Trump does. Over the years of his professional history, as I wrote in my book, “Plaintiff in Chief,” Trump became more than litigious — he acquired a litigation mentality. He sued at the drop of a hat. He sued for sport. He sued to achieve a sense of control, and he sued to make a point. He sued as a way to destroy or silence those who crossed him. Often, he would sue and, shortly afterward, drop the suit. Or, years after, settle it. Trump viewed the law not as a system of rules to be obeyed and ethical ideals to be respected, but as a potent weapon to be used against his adversaries or a hurdle to be sidestepped when it got in his way.

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