Woman in Oklahoma climbs through sunroof, rescues 2-year-olds left in hot car at Walmart

A woman in Oklahoma climbed through the sunroof of a vehicle parked outside a Walmart this week to rescue two 2-year-olds left inside, according to reports. 

The vehicle was reportedly parked in direct sunlight during a 98-degree day.

Elizabeta Babb, 33, was arrested after she exited an Oklahoma City Walmart after shopping for over a half hour while her two toddlers were strapped in their car seats.

The 2-year-old girls were reportedly “unresponsive and buckled in their car seats” when they were found. 

The children were reportedly in shock and crying after being taken from the vehicle and placed in a security vehicle with air conditioning.

According to local reports, Walmart officials called for the driver of the vehicle to come outside, but Babb did not exit the store until she checked out.

Babb apparently told authorities she had been in the store for “five minutes.”

But, according to surveillance footage, she was in the store 35 minutes.

Fox News could not immediately reach the Oklahoma City Police Department for comment. 

Babb claimed she was inside of the Walmart location for five minutes.
Babb claimed she was inside of the Walmart location for five minutes.

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