Youngkin attack ad highlights McAuliffe’s former cozy relationship with Trump

Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin came out with a scathing ad Monday highlighting Democratic former Gov. Terry McAuliffe's ties to former President Donald Trump as the two duke it out in this year's governor's race.

McAuliffe has been trying to retake the governor's mansion in part by linking Youngkin and Trump, who is especially unpopular in the northern Virginia suburbs where the race may be won.

Trump, who endorsed Youngkin following the Virginia Republican’s nomination back in May, waded back into the race by issuing a press statement last week calling McAuliffe a “political Hack” who accepted large campaign donations from him when he first ran for office. Trump added McAuliffe “said only great things and would do whatever I wanted, until I ran for office.”


Trump’s re-entry into the campaign delighted Democrats, as the former president lost the commonwealth in 2016 to Hillary Clinton and again in 2020 to President Joe Biden. Democrats used the Trump attack against McAuliffe as evidence that Youngkin is no different than the former president. But the Youngkin camp amplified Trump’s comments about his previous relationship with McAuliffe in its new 30-second ad.

“Terry McAuliffe is dishonest. He spends all his time attacking Donald Trump, but here's the truth,” a female voice-over in the campaign ad says. “I've known Trump for 25 years,” McAuliffe is heard saying in the next cut.

The voice-over in the ad continues, “McAuliffe did anything to get Trump's money.” In the next cut, McAuliffe says, “I dealt with him extensively.”

The voice-over says that McAuliffe asked Trump “for $25,000 to support his campaign” right before a cut of Trump at a podium referencing McAuliffe in more affable times. “I would like to ask a friend of mine. I've known him a long time. Gov. Terry McAuliffe,” Trump says in the video.

The voice-over says, “Golfed with him. Hugged him. Toasted him.”

“To the president of the United States of America,” McAuliffe can be heard saying. The ad closes, “Come on, McAuliffe, stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.”


Youngkin campaign spokesman Matt Wolkin says it is “totally dishonest for Terry McAuliffe to use President Trump’s endorsement to smear Glenn Youngkin, when McAuliffe is actually friends with Trump and took thousands of dollars from Trump to fund his campaign.”

Wolkin added, “The only person that McAuliffe has kissed up to more is Bill Clinton, or maybe Hillary Clinton – which is no doubt where he learned to be so dishonest.”

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