Bombshell Verdict Stuns Alex Jones As Fox News Braces Amid Lawsuit Over Election Lies


A jury hits MAGA loyalist Alex Jones with $50 million in fines for lying about the Sandy Hook massacre and putting grieving parents through “hell.” MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber reports on the warning for other conspiracy theorists spewing lies. Fox News is facing a $1.6 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, alleging the network lied about the election and defamed the company. Mother Jones’ David Corn saying, “This jury has sent a signal that we’re not gonna allow First Amendment rights to protect the promotion of reckless disinformation.”

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Date: August 16, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Bombshell Verdict Stuns Alex Jones As Fox News Braces Amid Lawsuit Over Election Lies

  1. Hanya di Negara Indonesia para tokoh agama muslim/non muslim ataupun alim ulama yang membiarkan manusia berbuat dzholim kepada siapapun dan tidak mau membimbing mereka bahkan sampai mengarahkan untuk kembali ke jalan yang benar dan baik atau ke jalan Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Para tokoh agama ataupun alim ulama tersebut apakah benar berbuat/berperilaku seperti itu.. Bagaimana pendapat tokoh agama muslim/non muslim sedunia…

  2. Wtf so his in court for some words he believed. So Americas freedom of speech is being murdered alongside freedom of belief. Wow so now you'll are being forced to speak only what the system allows you. Wow that's a head fark.

  3. many conspiracy theories are just truth that the mainstream and gov dont like. if this trend continues, some day soon you will be thrown in jail for questioning the high price of food and gas.

  4. Do you mean the LIES that your network told. Because I do hope that the majority of the American voters did NOT vote for a dimentia patient. I do hope my faith in the American people who not so unfounded. It is a know fact that the US media is at the bottom of the World's list when it comes to being a credible source for the truth. The World doesn't trust you; why should Americans? This one doesn't.

  5. Alex Jones hired the worst Attorney money can't buy "ha ha". It's good to see two clowns ( Jones and his sidekick Attorney ) performing on the same stage together, giving millions of people a good laugh, and watching the big liar being brought down to earth by the defendants Attorney's who controlled him. He lied, shouted, gulped water, sucked candy, and sweated like a pig about to be roasted….which he was.

  6. When you call out family members of lying about the loss of their loved ones to a degree that they get harassed by a mob of conspiracy believers. I mean there has to be some kind of protective measure to the madness. There is no question that Alex is a beacon for a lot of extremist and that has to put some kind of responsibility about how you use your messages.

  7. I think Jones is an annoying nut case. But I definitely have concerns about criminalizing lying. The government does not have a monopoly on the truth. And, clearly, the government is sometimes wrong about the truth. If we aren't carefully, this could lead to motivating some people to avoid speaking their opinions for fear the government might not agree and could be sued.

    The entire point of the first Amendment was to allow citizens to disagree with the government. As we move forward, we should be careful we don't damage this important freedom.

  8. Yep typical from this channel and anyone that watches this channel. All a bunch of sheep who believes everything you are told without questioning anything. When you challenge the government propaganda, you are called a conspiracy theorist.

  9. We have always had misinformation with us but didn't this current round all start with Obama's birth certificate??
    Americans can't have nuthin nice. Sigh

  10. I wonder how much traffic he generated to his sites and money he made doing something that would cause a normal human to think twice, just due to the fact that children were massacred. EVEN IF he didn’t believe it himself. It’s just one of those DONT TOUCH situations that anyone with half a functional brain would be weary of. But not Alex…. He was rolling in clicks and sells. Good for him.
    Ten years later these people are having to endure and relive the horrors because Alex Jones wanted to sell vitamins and survival bars. Fk that guy.

  11. One wonders how much money he made on this. 50 million sounds like a lot but it remains to be seen if he'll end up paying all that much and, from what I heard, this guy is so loaded that it's not that much of a hardship. Anyways, he's got tons hidden away with his family.

  12. How much is the actual shooter who cold bloodedly shot those children to death being sued for? Anyone , how much I heard about what he did I never heard of Alex Jones or anything Jones ever said. So Elvis is dead? I've heard thousands say he never died.

  13. I don't see any difference between pushing conspiracy theories you know are lies in order to make money and pushing drugs (illegal or prescription) you know don't work or are dangerous to the public (like opioids.) The buck has to stop somewhere…

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