Bret Baier: It is a ‘attention-grabbing’ political transfer


‘Particular File’ anchor Bret Baier unpacks President Biden’s transfer to cancel pupil debt for 1000's of American citizens on ‘The Tale.'

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Date: August 25, 2022

RSS The Hill

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47 thoughts on “Bret Baier: It is a ‘attention-grabbing’ political transfer

  1. Let's see. 1/3 of 43,000,000 is 12.9 million people. If all those people had a student debt of $10,000, it would cost us 129 billion. We have spent that on Ukraine alone. Imagine how rich this country would be if we collectively voted out the evil people getting filthy rich off of wars like the Iraq war and now the Ukraine war. We would be able to lower taxes dramatically; therefore, enabling people to pay for education or whatever they wanted. Too bad so many citizens are blind and allow these evil people to manipulate them.

  2. Totally Bull!!! I served 20 years in the military so I could get an education, I was NOT grandfathered to pass on my GI bill to my kids, so I had to use it or lose it ( I did use it). During those 20 years policy changed and I saved money for my kids education. After 15 years of retirement, I am still helping my kids by working and augmenting my retirement to help my kids get through school with little to no student debt!!! (by the way they also work while attending class). If you are going to forgive "student loans", to the tune of thousands of dollars, I think I, my kids, and everyone else out there who were responsible for their kids, deserve part of it since we were smart, and saved, and passed on good work ethics to our kids…this country that I fought for is going to crap and it's really sad.

  3. You have the government sending billions of dollars Ukrainians not one is saying nothing, not the government is helping Americans you all making nose, is it because most of the people are black.

  4. This is not "a fascinating political move", it's simply more Biden bull💩at tax payers' expense. There are too many reasons to detail in one YouTube comment. College is largely an institutional scam. Most college students don't even graduate. You will run into many graduates in upper management who aren't even using the degree they got, and their position doesn't even warrant a degree over experience. Then we can get into how many people wisely chose to pursue a career without college and succeeded, but no one is "forgiving" loans they may have taken out for their business or related expenses. This is just Biden once again pandering to some voters at the expense of all the rest.

  5. The Democrat party is literally spitting in the face of those who saved for their education and those who refused to go in debt!!! They are promoting bad behavior and socialism. They are giving to the colleges (student loans) and then (forgiving them) in order to control the flow of taxes. They did the same with the Pandemic directing money straight to Pfizer and any hospital with Covid patients. THEY CREATE A PROBLEM THAN DIRECT GOVERNMENT FUNDS ACCORDINGLY!!!

  6. Biden and the Democrats know that this is going to be challenged in court and they know it will be struck down. The issue is that the people that are pushing for this do not care about Constitutional law and are not concerned that someone else is paying for their "human right" to get a degree in some useless liberal arts degree. This is purely an attempt to rile up the young voters who many obviously can't understand the simple terms of a student loan.

  7. So for everyone that's had a student loan or race you need to check the parents out because if they were economically well off enough to have paid for their kids college and use the government for whatever reason even if it was a lesson, need to be held accountable and charged. So you're going after taxpayers, you already started with parents so there's some investigative work to do in reference to this every child that's being put through college, is it government money because the parents are squeaky?

  8. I shouldn’t have to pay for another’s college. The graduate will take that degree that I helped pay for and go make a living off of it and I won’t see a dime but I should have to pay for their tuition? How is that fair?

  9. Anyone who thought this wasn’t going to happen was a fool. You made sacrifices. Why? You knew this was the logical outcome. They were going to wipe out the debt anyway. And let’s be honest, most of you shouldn’t have gotten help for your degrees to begin with. They weren’t in high demand or in low supply. How many of these complainers lied about their need to begin with? Maybe fudged a few numbers here or there? No fan of student aid plan but no fan of the complainers either. The only thing they’re mad about is they feel someone else will get something they didn’t. Too bad. You’ve already gotten more than you deserved. Now if your complaint is the country can’t afford it, you’re right. But we can’t afford to give you subsidies for each child or for buying a house either. Why do you get any of that? Why do businesses get subsidies? The fact is you all get some kind of handout. You’re just butthurt some one else might get a little more. No sympathy here.

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