Byron Donalds: It is a entire violation of separation of powers


Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., reacts to Biden management’s determination to bail out $500B of school loans

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Date: August 27, 2022

RSS The Hill

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43 thoughts on “Byron Donalds: It is a entire violation of separation of powers

  1. Colleges have some worthless degrees in nonsense, voters should not have to pay for this nonsense. Any college debt forgiven would be added to future taxes so will still end up paying for it later with more interest so is an illusion of free gift to the suckers that don't know how things actually work.

  2. Desperation!!!! All Dems believe throwing money at everything fixes everything temporary. 32 Trillion in debt
    with no clue how to stop the
    Massive Bleeding!!!! I was a Dem for 35 yrs. The 4 yrs of Trump was unbelievable what was accomplished!!! I changed parties based on facts and accomplishments.
    I don't know even if Trump runs and wins can he reverse
    the damages. Nov 8th can't, get here fast enough!!! We need to show our Patriotic Duty by VOTING!!!

  3. Cortez from Nevada is the very first position who is not insanely stupid. Colleges are corrupt, the Degrees are not worth what kids pay for them.

  4. If this were a political issue then, yes it would be fine to keep taking the slow approach. However, it is NOT a political issue. It is an issue legality, and crime. The scum committing all these crimes so publicly and blatantly need to STOPPED, PERIOD.



  5. So…smart people who could see that university and college are money laundering scams that transfer money once again from the tax payers to so-called elites…

    .. and instead took up trades like carpenter, electrician, plumber, brick layer, etc, now have to pay more in taxes via armed IRS agents authorized to use lethal force…

    … in order to pay off the student loans of dimwits who got a degree but were too stupid to see that their degree wouldn't guarantee them a decent job.

    AAaaaaaallllrighty then!!

  6. the government should not be in the loan business for finical education institutions that do no produce jobs at a fair living wage and more than the cash register operator in Walmart, or truck driver, and shipping jobs overseas instead of using Americans, now they want us to buy Chinese batteries and a car some Chinese parts companies,

  7. Redacted for Coverup

    1. The released "Affidavit" is all Black (REDACTED). Only think you can understand is that it is redacted to cover Joe Biden DoJ political misadventure.

    2. What DoJ did is remained in conformity with the order by the Judge by releasing the documemts. You don't do a wide and broad sprectrum of investigation hoping that the fishing net will catch some fish, other than a well focuaed investigation. Now that suggests that the investigation is on going, it appears to me that it is another attempt to buy insurance policy and speaking of witness, there is a federal witness protection act. So spare me from this BS. Furthermore, they are suggesting there are "so many witnesses". Common now.

    3. If you gona investigate me, that is fine, but I need to know and have the right to know what are you investigating me for so that I can cooperate. Now, what we witness is Joe Biden's mouth is "Redacted", so is the DoJ, FBI, Warrent, and Affidavit. This is simply an Un-warranted Concealment of TRUTH.

  8. Biden and his administration don't give a crap about the Constitution or about laws they are above the law they are the dictators of the American people what they say is the law !

  9. The fact that there’s been no interest on these loans for almost 3yrs is a huge boost to the debt holders. If I had one of these loans I would be working like a mad man to pay it off.

  10. you clowns are missing the point he was he just told you it's illegal what don't you understand about illegal you want me to give you the definition you dodo birds that means you can't do it

  11. Even Pelosi had previously stated that the President had zero authority to forgive student debt. This is a desperate vote bribe. It is an unfair tax on those who did not attend college and it is a double hit on those of us who repaid our student loans.

  12. NEW: FBI review of 15 boxes transferred to National Archives contained 184 docs with classified markings:

    — 67 Confidential

    — 92 Secret

    — 25 Top Secret

    — additional docs with HCS (human Intel), ORCON (originator controlled), NOFORN (only US citizens), SI (special Intel), FISA

  13. Trump’s HANDWRITING is literally on our national secrets

    He desecrated the Crown Jewels of our national intelligence with his disgusting scrawl

    Try excusing him out of this one

    One day Trump will be gone but your shame in defending him will remain forever

    We will not forget

  14. Republicans believed that Hillary Clinton mishandling 113 classified documents was the single most disqualifying national security threat in US history, and so obviously they’re fine with Trump stealing 184 classified documents.

  15. F*CK YES! The DOJ just arrested FIVE militia members for their role in January 6. The group was allegedly run by a former GOP House candidate. Let's f*cking go!!!!

  16. Communists and socialists (criminals) are trying to take over right now. They are not even democrats anymore . They just hide in the shadows.

  17. Trump: I demand you release the search warrant affidavit so I can harass all the witnesses

    DOJ: how about we just release the parts of the search warrant affidavit that show everyone how guilty you are

    Trump: wait

    DOJ: ha ha too late, now everyone knows you’re going to prison

  18. Donald Trump is among the worst and most dangerous Americans in history.

    His peers are Benedict Arnold, Jefferson Davis, Bull Conner, Robert Lee and Aldrich Ames.

    Trump is deranged, disgraced and dangerous. He should be treated as such.



  20. Wow, I love this guy. We need more black men in politics. Strong, direct, decisive, and grounded in street bred cred.
    The African spirit dwells in them still.
    Sending love from Melbourne Australia

  21. Doug Mastriano wore the uniform of traitors who fought to defend slavery on official grounds of the U.S. Army War College.

    The College condemned him, saying this “does not reflect our values.”

    It's deeply offensive and proves who he is, once again. He's unfit to be Governor.

  22. President Biden just called Marjorie Taylor Greene: “What’s her name, that woman who believes in the — anyway” 🤣

    POTUS speaks for a nation

    Welcome to the Dark Brandon era, MAGAts

  23. I think anyone who saw the top secret documents "illegally" should be Blinded (poked their eyes out) and have their tongues cut off as punishment at the least!!

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