CAUGHT: Fox news lies about EVs to push a political agenda


It may not be surprising, but Fox News has gotten some critical information about EVs totally wrong. I'm not sure how they did it, but I have an idea as to why they did.

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Electric Car Cost Per Mile [Results For 277 eCars]

Date: August 20, 2022

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42 thoughts on “CAUGHT: Fox news lies about EVs to push a political agenda

  1. .45 cents per mile. 😂. Tesla is average 250 watts a mile. 1 kilowatt of electric in even Hawaii is .40 cents. That’s ten cents a mile. Highest energy costs.. there’s trying to state over 4 times with the highest electrical costs. 😂 😂 😂

  2. They arent wrong about fuel prices if you’re an apartment dweller using paid charge stations. If you charge at home, it’s much cheaper than gas. He stated this wrong though, it’s 15 cents per mile for a 30mpg gasoline vehicle at $4.50 per gallon. His math is junk but not completely wrong.

  3. The senator "may have" seemed tone deaf but she really did have a good point. Regardless of her salary like she said….she was finally able to get her EV and has enjoyed driving it. So much so she felt comfortable enough to take a road trip with it. Yes, and it gave her great joy to pass the gas stations and not have to worry about filling it up.

    Most EV owners, be they owners of a Leaf or Bolt all the way up to a Model S or X owner feel the same way to tell the truth. And for those of us wanting or striving to buy one…many of us aren't out to save the planet. We want and EV because we like them. We're into the tech and YES…we're tired of the high and fluctuating gas prices. I mean, what's the point of driving and EV if you're not allowed to brag a little about saving money on gas and maintenance?

    And truth be told she and other democrats, no thanks to pretty much any republicans, are on the forefront of trying to revised the EV tax credit to make it work for everyone wanting an EV…especially by making it a point of sales credit.

    SO I get where she was coming from but I also understand the scrutiny she attracted for how she presented it…but I still agree with her.

  4. I love your work, however I do not think the cost of EV's will be cost prohibitive for the average or even median wage earner. Two reasons, costs drop, but EV's are mostly new now, but they are soon going to be common place and then there will be lots of used ev's. Most of the poorer people such as me in my teenage years do not buy new trucks and cars. But really, the part I don't get is you are going after her when she looks forward to the day where EV's are common, this is not out of touch, this is hope for the future. I have no idea who she is, (i'm from Canada), but I think if you listen to her again, she is just hopeful about the EV revolution. Maybe it could have been much more crafted and not off the cuff, but I do not see it in any way as a negative statement. This is what I believe you want too. I do not see how this is tone deaf. I do not yet own an EV, (on waiting list for cyber truck in hopes that I can afford it when it comes available), but I do look forward to that change.

  5. Carl Rove's thesis is CORRECT–> any EV claim of "cost of ownership" will NOT make-up the delta cost of purchase of said EV over a considerably less expensive ICE vehicle of similar amenities.

    Plus–> ICE vehicles do NOT have to SUBSIDIZED by coercive tax collections to exist as a highly desirable consumer product.

    Without EV subsidies-==> EVs are NOT desirable and nobody would buy them–> which makes the "subsidy" the ONLY thing desirable about EVs.

    Someday….maybe EVs will be superior to ICE sans subsidies……but NOT today, NOT tomorrow, NOT 5 years from now, maybe NEVER.

    BOTTOM LINE==> the SUBSIDIES need to END so the FREE market CONSUMER can determine the "winners and losers" for personal transportation technology instead of some AGENT of GOVERNMENT bent on denying that POWER to the PEOPLE.

    Now you will have to excuse me……I am eager to commence a scheduled bicycle ride on my non-subsidized e-mountain-bike.

  6. Since 62% of FOOD cost is Diesel Fuel, the "whims of the incompetent Biden administrations) are still going to be driving up prices. Mos of what I buy is increasing 50% of more. The price of $31,500 for an SUV, it too high in this comparison. No vehicle with a battery and driving motor has EVER reached a break even point. The Prius never has. Current EVs won't either.

    You are incorrect in your assumption. The purchase price is part of the cost per mile.

  7. No matter what is said on the news people will make up their own minds and vote with their wallets.
    Word of mouth from other EV owners will eventually overcome the FUD and make folks realise that EVs are all round better.

  8. It’s amazing how the Democrats hate Tesla because they don’t care about the environment, they care about unions, and ther Republicans don’t care about Tesla because they don’t care if the world burns. A pox on both their houses, I say. We need a massive change to the political system in America.

  9. Lost a lot of respect for FOX on this. F Faux News and Let's Go Brandon.
    I installed my own Wall Connector from Tesla @ $400 and the conduit, wire, 60 amp breaker $100. So I have a whopping $500 into my very own Wall Connector AT home, can ICE cars do that, Install there own gas pump?

  10. And these comparisons always start with “EVs are not affordable”. Well thanks to those rich early adopters, there are starting to be cheaper used EVs on the market. Poor people don’t usually buy new cars anyway so the used EV market is of critical importance. The good thing about used EVs is that they tend to last much longer than ICE cars and require less maintenance over that time. So in time, even poor people benefit from the EV transition.

  11. Just finished a trip from Melbourne, FL to Bethesda, MD. Started with 90% SOC and used Supercharger network. 940 miles cost $74.81. THATS Close to $0.08 per mile. When our MY is charged on a level 1 charger @ $0.12 per Kw. About $0.034 per mile.

  12. I don't think the Senator was "tone-deaf". Except MAYBE the part about how she didn't care about the price of gas during her trip. I know, because driving my Leaf most days, I don't care about the occasional few gallons I have to put in the Volt for longer trips.

  13. My level 2 home charger cost $175. I plugged it into an existing dryer socket, but installation costs of a 220V-35A or 50A socket is generally only about $400, and then you have an additional 220V socket for big boy toys.

  14. But Sam, he is either right or wrong. We KNOW he is wrong so he is lying? Let’s call him out on that like you did the CNBC guy about Tesla and their bitcoins.

    So this idiot is also lying. It’s a quick call to DoE to hear from the horses mouth what the cost per mile is for EVs. If they say it depends on electricity price in your area, use the worst case and I bet it still no where close to 45p a mile.

    This is CLEARLY misinformation and he has an agenda so why not call him out as blatant liar?

    Call his office and ask if he is ready to correct himself on the record and if they decline to comment, another proof he is lying.

  15. A YouTuber car channel poster recently claimed outrageous costs per 100 miles, I responded with facts and figures from my own experience, but never heard a rebuttal. The Republican stance on EVs is a result of the Democrats politicizing the transition from fossil fuels, so naturally the Republicans have to take the opposite view. Since this is not a high school debate, but an issue of national importance, there ought to be bipartisanship n the part of our elected officials in allowing this transition to occur in the free market. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

  16. So far EV owners are getting by without paying any road tax and tax payers are subsidizing their cars. A high percent of the energy generated that is used by EV's is created by coal. That is the cheapest fuel to generate electricity. The government is pushing the electric companies to generate the electric by far more expensive means.

  17. I disagree with your negative views of the representatives comments about owning an electric car. It's not picky to call her out because she now can afford an ev/Tesla, where many have to wait for the price to drop.. As for Rove, most folks know he's a dipshit.(professional liar) To me, this is wasted reporting time Sam

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