Celebrity Wars Fanatics Get Attacked by means of Brainless Fox Information Anchors


AlphaOmegaSin rants about how Fox Information bashes Celebrity Wars once more in addition to the lovers. Katherine Timpf calls the lovers loopy, unattractive, & uncool. Celebrity Wars The Power Awakens has had hype past any film throughout the previous decade now but everybody at Fox Information appears to be bewildered by means of one of these feat in spite of the Celebrity Wars franchise rising as giant because it has or even being purchased by means of Disney. But some other feather within the cap of the way Fox Information are a number of fuck ups as it's and everyone knows Fox Information fails fairly steadily.

The Fox Information staff bashing Celebrity Wars and the lovers

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Date: September 5, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Celebrity Wars Fanatics Get Attacked by means of Brainless Fox Information Anchors

  1. "Katherine Timpf calls the fans crazy, unattractive, & uncool." I mean how some of you assholes acted, she's not lying. It was a parody show and some (not all) of you said some really dark stuff. Majority of it sexist and calling for her to be killed, raped, or both. I like Stars Wars, but how you people reacted to a light hearted joke reminds me why I hate fan bases like this and I avoid them like the plague. How violently some of you reacted shows me you few know you're failing neck beards in life. Also just saw a pic of her and she's not like the hottest woman on Earth, but she def is attractive. She may not be some our types but an unbiased asshole could tell if a chick is generally attractive or not.

    If you did NOT say any of the horrendous things, knew this chick was kidding, or did research more than 10 secs long to get more context. 1. Congrats you're a human with common sense and more importantly 2. The above comment is NOT directed at you!

  2. "Space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks." Could possibly be the best line of all times. That one line was far more entertaining that this entire video. You should thank her, because I would have never played this if not for her name in the title.

  3. The guy is so incredibly ignorant on this topic and no I don't dislike Starwars. I'm also interested in a range of space sciences without movies attempting to make them more entertaining. Science fact is stranger than fiction sometimes. That's beside the point, when I say that the guy doing this video is ignorant on this, I'm not meaning it as an insult more so than a statement of fact. Kat Timpt fills the role of a comedian on Fox News which means that a decent portion of what she says is satire, she commonly rips on herself for how she looks and gets paid to be random. If AlphaOmegaSin had researched her for more than 2 seconds he would have figured that out. As for her being "rude", this chat room is busting at the seems with insults, with one commenter going as far as to say "I wonder how many guys she blew to get that job". Not only is that worse than anything she said, it's sexist but by all means, keep pretending your crap doesn't stink simply because some fan boys and girls are prone to picking fights for no reason.

    Also, if some people thought things through better they wouldn't care if you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek, they'd just be happy that others have an interest in the topic of space travel and legendary movies. Just sayin!

  4. Who is this blonde empty head? " I liiiiiike coool things and being attractive" hahaha. What do you like painting your naaaaaaaails and and dooooing your haaaaaaair ? You absolute non entity. You probably get filled with lightsabers one after the other at Fox news when you are anchored to the Fox news store room.

  5. GIVE IT A BREAK……………Well you have well over 7,000 comments 12k likes. Not bad for a FACEBOOK RANTER. But I doubt the really care about your rants as much as you take yourself so serious. But you have your following and apparently they are of like kind. Give it a break. Do you realize how easy it is to "mock" your rants and they are just that, "rants" of no real influence. Taking one's self so serious is not the way to go. But to each his own. You being "cool and attractive" by your own personal rants. It's another reason to jump on the bandwagon criticizing Fox news is very obvious. " Not cool or attractive" Your delivery is manic and unnecessary. But then again life goes on Star Wars or no. And yes I am a fan of Star Wars as well as all my now adult kids and now grand kids.

    Stars Wars needs no one to defend the prosecution's. It's the fact that they are a luxury for some and a non "life giving essential for others" The very fact the some one can be so offended by others who criticize its fans is evident another problem in it self.

    If you can be offended? You will be. That simple.

  6. sounds like you're are attacking James Rolfe rant about not watching the new Ghostbusters movie, if she doesn't like Stars Wars and thinks you are a bunch of overhyped nerds, i be best to move out of your grandma's basement

  7. i would just ignored it instead waste my fucking time debating it on social media, I don't give a flying rat's ass what other people say about Star Wars, hell, i'm dating a girl who doesn't like Lord of the Rings and i don't make a big fucking deal like you do @AlphaOmegaSin

  8. I mean I'm not into Star Wars either but I wouldn't attack the fanbase. I'll be honest tho, I DO like a few of the video games like Force Unleashed 1 and 2 and Battlefront 2 and for awhile I had Revenge of the Sith on PS2 but that's it.

  9. good grief how much of a fucking loser do you have to be to get triggered over a Fox News host calling you the nerds you indeed are. Fuck Star Wars and the pathetic morons so devoted to it

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