Central American trafficker describes what occurs to youngsters by the hands of cartels


Carter and ex-CIA officer Dollar Sexton react on ‘Hannity' to the plight of kids smuggled into the USA #foxnews #hannity

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Date: August 28, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Central American trafficker describes what occurs to youngsters by the hands of cartels

  1. FOX, you seemed so shocked. Are you journalists? We have known this for a very long time. Perhaps you need to reassess what your purpose is as a journalist. It’s certainly not reporting the truth and putting pressure on govt to protect our children. What’s in tomorrows news FOX? Something we already know, that’s been happening forever? 🥱

  2. when the whole truth is out peoples hearts will fail theres no STOPPING THE TRUTH……….lets talk about the blood thirsty elites tell the people about the drug they use ADRENACHROME do your research bros and sisters please pray to god

  3. The interviewer speaks as though someone is crushing her throat. Can not understand. Forced sounds. I guess I can read the transcript. This report is terrible but needs to be heard.

  4. Oh my God! What the hell have we become! How can anybody watch this and still believe an open border is beneficial to this country! If you believe that Biden and the Democrats have opened the border for humanitarian reasons, you have no soul. You are already dead inside!

  5. Well if this doesn't open people's eyes to the fact that the government is just looking the other way because they are in on it, nothing will!! Disgusting!!!

  6. Did you know doctors paralize brain dead donors because their bodies react violently to heart removal? And its legal in the first world, like chopping up babies who haven't seen the light of day, or carbombing pretty 29 year old Mariupol azov attrocity reporters, or sending old ukranians to the front invent billions!

  7. As long as Biden can make money for his Families Bank Accounts, no nothing will happen. November America can stop this BS. Children should be protected at all cost but nothing will happen as long as the clowns now in charge have there way,

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