Chang: This is likely one of the most threatening moments in historical past


Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang joined ‘Fox & Pals First' to speak about emerging pressure between Washington and Beijing after a U.S. delegation visited Taiwan over the weekend. #FoxNews

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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

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49 thoughts on “Chang: This is likely one of the most threatening moments in historical past

  1. Gordon Chang is a total joke. In 2001 he predicted China 's economy would collapse in 2011, then changed it to 2012 then 2015. He is a nonsense voodoo witch doctor.

  2. The US position on the "One China" policy is deliberately falsely stated as propaganda by China. The US "One China" policy does not say that Taiwan is part of China or that China is part of Taiwan. The United States is only "recognizing" that regarding the “One China" policy, the Chinese and Taiwanese governments each believe that there is only one China.
    US is neutral about final agreement between them. 🇯🇵🇺🇦🇺🇸🇹🇼🇯🇵
    The agreement between the Chinese and Taiwanese governments must be peaceful. The United States does "what it needs to do" to facilitate ensuring a peaceful agreement. The US-Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 clarified that. The United States will take military assistance and measures to enable Taiwan to protect itself from aggression. Japan and Western countries will also cooperate on the Taiwan side.🇯🇵🇺🇦🇹🇼🇺🇸🇯🇵

  3. Yes, I agree with Gordon Chang.
    There will be a nuclear war, against China and Russia.
    As for the USA defending Taiwan? – answer is No.
    So long as the socialist-democrats are in power with Joe Biden, who is severely compromised by China, the US will abandon the region or give minuscule help.
    Remember, the socialist-democrats of the USA have betrayed America, they are controlled by the WEF who are controlled by Xi Jinping.
    They are confederates for China and Russia.
    The same for Justin Trudeau of Canada.

  4. It's worse for the US and the world at large if China takes Taiwan; in the long run worse than war with China. I'm not actually sure if China would back down if we said we will defend Taiwan, they may believe it's a bluff or that they stand to lose too much domestic support if they let the US decide their actions towards Taiwan. China is going to invade Taiwan at some point, and the US doesn't have much choice but to defend it or else lose the soft power that allows us to dictate how things play out in global trade to a large extent and prevent conflicts from happening when we say we'll step in if they break out.

    There are strategic concerns that have to be considered for the peripheral nations that could be drawn in or use the opportunity of war between the US and China to try to achieve their own goals, but if that's very well thought out it might be in our best interest to press China into war at a time that is more opportune for us (or force them to back down) rather than waiting until missiles are hitting Taipei for us to then have to react more or less flat-footed.

  5. China plans to take Taiwan from within. That's what, " within a few hours" mean. Taiwan & U.S. won't see it coming. China playing the long game. Time will tell.
    "C'mon Man"

  6. Majority of Americans have never and will never support wars who's purpose is to defend other nations. We should be worrying about the issues going on in our own country, reserving our resources and preparing for any actual threats to OUR sovereignty.

  7. We don't have good leadership in our country . We are led by a coward. That is a proven fact. If China invades Taiwan Biden would run and hide. He wouldn't know how to respond. None of this would be happening under Trump. Good thing our military was built up under Trump.

  8. Before our government runs completely Helter Skelter they better really think of what they're doing. Why are we instigating this and we are if you think back with Nancy Pelosi and lalala we're instigating it for what purpose if China attacked us I can see it but not when we went to Taiwan and now we have congressman and Senators over there are we just begging for it would we want somebody to come over maybe to Cuba the Chinese will and get us 90 miles off our border a Florida or what if they took over Hawaii these are things that are instigated by governments not by people so what are we trying to prove what is our strategy and why is Joe Biden poking the bear! This would have never started until Nancy Pelosi went over there it was delivered it was planned it's a strategy for what purpose I don't know you don't believe that fact check it go back and look from the beginning of this to now maybe I'm totally wrong maybe I just don't want to see a war and our boys and girls get killed for the government of the United States! We just need information and no propaganda anymore does that means the government news media needs to just be quiet and Report the news not their comments and not what they think for they are hateful group of people mandated and run by the government! So what is going on! I really don't think our military is ready for this but what do I know right I'm just an average American, may God bless America and protect us from harm whether it's domestic or Regional harm and may God protect the world!

  9. Why is Biden poking the bear this is one thing we do not need right now! He has no strategy he has no generals like we used to have years ago that knew what they were doing! We are at the weakest time in American history! Our country is an utter turmoil! Our military doesn't have the resources right now! And if we start this war all of Europe and our allies will have to go to war and they're not ready for it what kind of strategy do we really have! Joe Biden is the Commander in Chief of the military what does he even know about it! We need to step back take a deep breath and understand we need great leaders great generals, Joe Biden has been very standoffish with our military! God Bless America and keep America safe and all the American people and the people throughout the world because it's not the governments that are going to go to war and fight it's our boys and our girls and they're the ones that are going to be killed! So we better think before we keep on doing what we're doing because we're instigating this it's quite obvious for what is their agenda who knows!

  10. Dangerous for who? Just one of our submarines can blow up the world 10x over and we have what, 53 of them? The submarine Navy keeps the world powers in check. To launch a first strike by China would mean the annilhilation of China seeing each submarine commander in that situation has the authority and ability to launch the boat's missiles.

  11. Brandon is the opposite of Captain Sully.
    He is actively attempting to softly crash this country.
    While Brandon climbs onto a passing tug boat, most will be left standing on the wing.
    Brandon has ZERO ties to this Country.
    His interests and the interests of some who surround him on both sides of the aisle are twofold… Money and Power.
    They are TRYING to to dismantle this Nation- a portion jockey for the biggest bank account and private island parachute, while others (like zombies topping a fortress wall), scramble over each other to see who rules the ash heap.
    Lessons from History coldly and clearly demonstrate America is no more than 10 years away from a permanent fork in the road:

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