Charlie Hebdo: Does Fox News Terrorise Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E232)


Russell Brand The Trews (E232).
I look at the extreme way Fox News reacted to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.
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Date: August 20, 2022

RSS The Hill

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23 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo: Does Fox News Terrorise Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E232)

  1. During lockdown seeing the violence occuring globally e.g, Police Bruitality againt Black people in america, Uyghyr Muslim Crisis in China, Israel killing and taking over Palestinian land and much more. It got me thinking about how much has changed over the past 10 years or so so I did research on western violence particularly the troubles, The increase of terrorism in Europe within the past decade such as Charlie Hebdo, 7/7, paris attacks and more. But because I was so young back when most of it happened (I'm 18) and didn't really understand anything It's almost mind blowing to see how much thoughts and opinions have changed and/or have stayed the same in most cases. Growing up I always remember seeing people slate Russell Brand for being this Comedian turned politically motivated man who in the media's eyes and i'm going to admitt my parents/ mainly just grown adults always slate russell brand for talking "utter shit" or "horse crap" for being more socially and politically aware. And It blows my mind why none of the adults never took this seriously because watching this video so I could learn more and educate myself on global issues past and present I'm really shocked how growing up Russell Brand was deemed this stupid man when watching the video what everyone is now preaching especislly people around my age really is what russell has been saying for 5+ years and I'm confused as to why all adults blew him off as stupid when really watching this he was preaching what we now should and rightfully should be preaching and I don't know it just really annoys me how madly the media portrayed you years ago acting as if your some crazy person when your just not. It blows my mind.

  2. This women is absolutely vile. I've seen some of her stuff before and she is disgusting. No wonder so many American's are brain washed zombies. I love Russel fro speaking the truth. (even though i dislike some of his guest h's had in the past ha)

  3. Watching you dissect FOX is wonderful and satisfies the young me who was forced to watch it by my grandfather. A family that has to emphasise on his 'good intention' would have to burst into a ball of flames after listening to you. Fingers crossed for melting faces. I kidd of coarse._.

  4. Russell, I would love it if you told us what you think of Antifa. In the US at least, they seem to be fascist when judged by their actions. I wish they went after real neo-nazis not just Nationalists. Also, are you concerned about the suppression of free speech in the UK? In particular, the PACE Act which makes "offending" someone a crime or the abuse of the law to deny Conservative speakers into the country (e.g. Lauran Southern). I know thats a hard one for someone on the left to answer, but I consider you one of the bright lefties (as opposed to the mental ones).

  5. Charlie hebdo was a proven false flag. The guy who was shot outside the building was reportedly shot in the head in the video with an AK assault rifle round at close range yet his head remained completely intact. Impossible!!

  6. Violence in defence of an ideology is terrorism. We are desperate to believe that these terrorists wouldn't be this way if we wern't so mean to them, this is bullshit. The Barbary Wars went on for over a hundred and fifty years when North-African Muslims enslaved 1.5 million white Americans and Europeans and when Jefferson met with the Islamic consulate in London he said to Jefferson "You are infidels and the Koran gives us permission to do this to your people", U cannot blame American foreign policy back then because there was no American foreign policy back then!!!

  7. Acting like islamaphobia doesn't exist when it's so close that my local childhood mosque was vandalized with derogatory terms, burned and destroyed in parts three different times, and my friends that have been threatened and/or insulted to the point of even having to take off their hijabs out of fear of being denied employment or even being put in harms way. One of my close friends brother wasn't allowed to get a job because he had a Muslim name.

  8. 'They should do the job'
    When Muslims make up the overwhelming majority in both the opposition physically fighting the terrorists and the victims killed raped injured and tortured by these terrorist groups, asshat

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