China issued an 'unacceptable threat' on Pelosi's trip, Biden once again not being clear: Waltz


Republican and retired Green Beret commander Michael Waltz of Florida joins ‘The Story' with reaction and analysis. #foxnews #thestory

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Date: August 19, 2022

RSS The Hill

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31 thoughts on “China issued an 'unacceptable threat' on Pelosi's trip, Biden once again not being clear: Waltz

  1. US politicians always looks negative side and having negative views about others people of the world.. that is why they having dual behaviour about terrorism in the world.. totally betrayed to whole world about terrorism..
    USA will be isolated from the rest of world if not change its policies…be remember

  2. Tutto was ordinary perche a fatto one thing of the generation IL global trade economy comes from the Middle East messo IL Fiume tigre and a strategic channel the cinema will not touch Taiwan ⏳🤲 and its 🤲

  3. We are american n we are the best

    We don't care

    you can attack other countries

    As long our country wouldn't get hurt.

    It's other people's countries being waste

    So Y should we care…..

    We go wherever we want for our agenda


    Because of american safe face of their first move, Taiwan will be going hell problems with no fault of themselves. Poor the millions citizens…

  4. Regardless of the side of the political isle. You don't threaten an American Citizen, let alone the Speaker of the house. China can F*** all the way off, with this one.

  5. I remember in '60's when Russia was putting missiles into Cuba, and I remember our response. Now, how is this different from Russia reacting to our bio-labs and sending big armaments in Ukraine and seeing what happened there should tell us how China sees fit to react when the western country love over ridding all other nations demanding their subjugation to our whims , regardless how much we dislike their motives.

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