China, Russia 'new international order' is inescapable: Gen. Keane


Fox Information senior strategic analyst reacts to China sending troops to Russia for a joint army workout on ‘Varney & Co.'  #foxbusiness #varney

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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

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35 thoughts on “China, Russia 'new international order' is inescapable: Gen. Keane

  1. General misses the point. Russia and China doesn't want to be militarily attacked, doesn't want financial sanctions, and doesn't want to be demonized and insulted every day. So what do you expect. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  2. The US has done this all to itself. We spend a trillion dollars a year. Adjusted for inflation we have never spent so much. Where is the money going? Erosion of defense budget. It has not been cut in my life time either in real dollars or even growth. The USSR collapsed because its military budget ate its domestic budget. China GDP growth 6% US 3%. Until US exceeds Chinese GDP growth military spending only acts as a brake on economic growth.


  4. This "General" has forgotten that Taiwan belongs to China. How would the United States like it if China decided to aid Alaska with weapons if Alaska choose secession from the USA? Positive the response would be the same as China. The United States needs to stay the hell out of these civil wars and stop their bullying the world & taking these countries natural resources from them. But we have these old war mongers still alive today that lead the Industrial Military Complex to make rich these private corporations who they retire to & family members given high ranking pay & positions in these private government contractors businesses. Then you have news media that won't expose these facts. But that's what we get for allowing only 5 major corporations to own our news media. What's even harder to swallow is that the US bullying & growing NATO was dumb enough to believe that China, India and Russia wouldn't form an alliance. I suspect that North Korea & Vietnam will join their ranks soon. NATO isn't strong or large enough to take on that game. But the stupidity, greed, and arrogance among ranking military leaders, Congress and the President due to the lobbying & payoffs by the government contractors to is too greedy not for them to resist. I mean, they don't care they send our children off to war to be injured and die, they still get their coin to add to their wealth.

  5. The Commentator n Guest to the Channel does Not Knows How to Differentiate China vs Taiwan as Her Sovereignty and Internal Problems.

    It is Entirely Different from Others Geopolitical Scenarios

  6. Vote in the midterm elections! It may be our last chance to save America! We must Vote red! Take back the House and Senate! We can worry about voting out rhinos as they come up for re-election! This mess is intentional on Obiden and the Democrats part!

  7. End the military industrial complex and focus on improving the lives of the taxpayers of the land. But no the old crows want the young to go in foreign wars and die.

  8. Why always looking for enemies and conflicts in far away lands where your taxpayers can't even figure out where they are? Why not just do your best to secure housing, food, gasoline and healthcare to your people?

  9. America must react more aggressive against China by creating a NATO like strong commitment to face China "head on" . Must create a porcupine putting together a group of nations all together so China have to think twice before embarking is a new war in the south Asia that must include Japan the Philippines Viet Nam and others maybe India and arm all of them "to the rim".

  10. Gen. Keane repeatedly spouts Team MIC USA lost every war since Korea to keep MIC weapons manufacturing humming (Obombus droned what, 40 or 50 countries and bombed peace nik Omar Kadafi's Libya as a pure war crime.

  11. The US hegemony has proved to be a catastrophe for the world. Just wars, invasions, regime changes, coupes d'états, human right violations, millions of people killed, etc. We need a new world order.

  12. Our Military People Should Focus On Protecting And Defending Our 🇺🇸 USA People And Country, Not To Focus On Gender Matters. That's How The Communist China And Russia Strengthens Their Military People.

  13. Typical Facebook/Wikipedia disinformation… New World Order a "conspiracy theory"…. Russian and China wanting to supplant the US and the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency is no conspiracy theory, it's a reality.

  14. What is wrong with two veto United security Council members defending international laws that gives us a plural world order , the USA UK NATO Israel model of world order is Neoliberalism using minority of fascist criminals controlling majority of the people inside their countries , controlling all resources for them minority and USA UK NATO Israel puritans … This is wrong I agree with Russia and China to have a plural world order and have each country control their resources away from the private sector and have freedom in intelligence producing everything nationally with national industries to have freedom in economics and freedom away from puritans of USA UK NATO Israel oppressing majority inside many countries using minority of fascist imperial brainless apes thieves robbing majority ..

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