China threats are real, not propaganda: Pillsbury


Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman and author Michael Pillsbury joined ‘America's Newsroom' to discuss Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and the implications of her trip. #FoxNews

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Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

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47 thoughts on “China threats are real, not propaganda: Pillsbury

  1. Donald trump took advantage of his followers stole 💰 from them lied to them misleading them some of them are in JAIL . Trump could care less ! He used you them for profit and personal gain ….!! AND HE'S LAUGHING at you…..!!!

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if you have to be educated to be on the news agency not anymore that's Trump and followers limited education limited intelligence constantly full of BS

  3. Go back in time 10…15 years and try to imagine conservatives attacking a member of Congress for supporting an ally against an aggressive authoritarian regime. I’ve tried…can’t do it.
    The sad thing is, IF China invades, and the U.S. doesn’t intervene, the SAME people will attack Biden for applying the same logic they’re using now.
    At some point, partisans are going to have to choose what’s more important: scoring political points, or standing up for our country and our values.
    What matters more to you, being a Republican, or being an American?

  4. I have nothing but disdain Nancy Pelosi. I have no idea why she went there unless there's something I've missed.

    That said. Once it became known that she was going to Taiwan, there had to he follow through. You can't appease others like China just because they make threats.

    Next you would have Russia threatening the U.S. if the president was going to visit
    Juneau, Alaskan because it once belonged to them and should be returned. For those unaware, Russia also had holdings all the way down to the middle portion of California. Maybe Putin has dreams of reclaiming that in the future as well.😂😂

  5. True perhaps but it wasn't Ciuca, it was the other guys…. As you probably know. Smart people win. Get Godlblatt's Non-standard Analysis and do your thing up to micro-milimeter. It's an American edition…. Why isn't Steve Awodey saying anything to me??? Steve Awodey??? Hello…

  6. Biden and the Dems are playing power politics to try to look tough esp. after OPEC basically said ‘You call us all these names and then you want us to help you?Ha! Go home old man’ He has us on the verge of war with Russia, he has made no real effort to bring peace to Ukraine, he has knowingly and willingly antagonized China so he can look tough. Ignores Americas southern border and tries to deflect his atrocious domestic policy with his even more atrocious foreign policy. Biden will quite possibly start WW3 with his crazed foreign policy. America is not the super power it once was and ultimately he is playing politics with the people of Taiwan and Ukraine. And the Dems have to do this because they feel the Republicans knocking on all their doors. One must wonder if their zeal to keep Trump out of the White House might lead them to start a war they think they can win. I don’t believe they would but I can’t help but wonder. And really this civil war the Dems and Republicans are both waging is doing no one any good. And if it doesn’t stop things will get much much worse.

  7. If a politician can go across seas and put are usa 🇺🇸 in a world War 3, needs to be sent to prison, she its nuts and it's showing, China showing there power ,what did we do in Ukraine , send weapons to the worst political country in world, whats kind of idiots is running are country, all need mental evaluation!!!!!¡!

  8. It's both. Threats can be real alongside the incentive of utilizing it as propaganda for a specific agenda. You also have to acknowledge it is propaganda that helped escalate things to the point of legitimate threats so they literally go hand in hand.

  9. 💯🇺🇸💪🏽America first that how this mess gets fixed ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️drain the swamp ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  10. Pelosi is brave and such a great world figure. She is to be admired.
    Why can't our people on the right show this much power ?
    Trump and our leaders never did anything like this.
    All Trump did was grovel to the Commie world leaders, praise them and sent love letters to them.
    It is looking more and more that the dems are going to win in November.

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