China's economic system will face 'devastating' penalties if it invades Taiwan, skilled warns


Heritage Basis nationwide safety skilled James Carafano argues that China cannot have the funds for every other huge ‘surprise' to its economic system. #FOXBusiness

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Date: August 23, 2022

RSS The Hill

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35 thoughts on “China's economic system will face 'devastating' penalties if it invades Taiwan, skilled warns

  1. First, Americans don’t have the stomach for a war with China and Russia. That’s a world war and will involve a draft. China knows that.

    Secondly the US agreed with China that Taiwan was there’s for the last 50 years. It wasn’t until we realized 90% of our semiconductors are manufactured there that it became an issue.

  2. We are sitting in RECESSION trying to RIG out of it by giving child tax credit, tax refund …in advance and have the audacity to say CHINAs economy is declining! China knows how to deal with UNPROVOKED PROVOCATIONs of TOO OLD and TOO CORRUPT demented leaders who don't remember if they have eaten lunch or NOT! We have GREEDY 1% who outsource everything for cheap labor, material and ridiculous Profit. We also have corrupt system that protects them. China has patriotic CITIZENS and LEADERS!

  3. He says that China has everything to lose.
    The so-called EXPERTS said the same thing about Russia.
    Russia is fighting back smartly.
    China does not act hastily.
    What can harm the West do with China's economy without hurting itself?

  4. WEF Plan is to TANK WORLD Economies SO.
    I can Safely say China will Move its Army n Equipment to its NEW Tiawan Island Base. After All, Biden believes in a ONE CHINA POLICY Right??

  5. Wtf is economy? Is it food or water or shelter? No. Then why does it even matter? All of that stuff I listed I can grow and build. Clothes? You can make outta simple crop and thread. Not rocket science.

  6. So it won’t make a difference since they are already having that issue hmm probably why they will invade to take their profits and money using it as it is the providence of china and Taiwan knew that when they built it to succeed

  7. @Mark B  trump was doing things the wrong way….yes…a war will cripple us in the USA but darn it….it will devastate the enemies even if they fight togheter….we will suffer a cripple economicaly but we will recover and reorganize quickly, we will adapt…but Russia China Pakistan North korea….will be economically devastated compared to USA and EUROPE. As long as the allies togheter and NATO keeps making progress, we are on the right path…freedom of choice against any form of dictatorship

  8. The really scary thing is as our conventional military forces degrade due Gen. Milley’s Wokeness, and the way the pullout of Afghanistan was handled. It may leave us with one option and that is the nuclear one to deter the CCP.

  9. The PRC can say what they like in all their posturing, but the minute a hostile round is fired, the will discover how completely isolated they are. The vast majority of the world, not just in SE Asia, will turn on them.

  10. if China decide to get Taiwan back, do you really think they care about economy? Besides, if China economy collapse, what do you think will happen to world economy?

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