China's Xi suggested Biden to prevent Pelosi's Taiwan commute: Document


Fox Information contributor Joey Jones joined ‘Fox & Pals Weekend' to talk about Pelosi's commute to Taiwan and Power Secretary Granholm suggesting blank power would advertise peace. #FoxNews

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Date: August 21, 2022

RSS The Hill

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31 thoughts on “China's Xi suggested Biden to prevent Pelosi's Taiwan commute: Document

  1. As a disabled vet is love the fact Joey is not covering up his new legs. It makes people uncomfortable good now imagine how uncomfortable it was for him.

  2. John 9:31 We know that God does not listen to sinners, but He does listen to the one who worships Him and does His will.
    Pelosi's prayer falls on deaf ears. I know this because I know her policies and what she stands for. She stands separated from God, her choice!

  3. With all these nukes and bombs on this planet. All it would take is one bad catastrophic mother nature act, to set off those bombs we would all die. Idk why nobody takes that into consideration.

  4. Pelosi went to the tongue of the snake,taiwan, to visit her boss ,xi ,to get her new orders. nancy likes chips made in china.

  5. The people in these positions should not make one feel like a genius in comparisson.

    Is Granholm not aware that China and others can manipulate the weather, and have been able to for decades?

  6. The Democrats want to usher in green energy the same way they pulled out of Afghanistan. And here's the problem. They think it will work. 🤨

  7. Green talk, is simply manipulation.
    All the way back to the first solar panels.
    It works like a dime, and they tout it as a gold nugget.
    Its good technology, its just small, and limited.
    You can drive fast cars on it.
    And you can't light up the planet with it.
    You cant expect to run a 5 bedroom house,designed to run on 110 volts,on solar.
    The first step to saving the planet,,is making everything use less power.
    That means you can't heat your house with electricity.
    You cant run a car.
    Its stupid .
    Some things are not ready.
    Not at any price.
    At this point anyone pushing green policies,,is a con artist.

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