Chinese language Man & American Female friend React to Racist Fox Information Chinatown Section


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34 thoughts on “Chinese language Man & American Female friend React to Racist Fox Information Chinatown Section

  1. 风水轮流转 it’s the white ppl’s century but China used to be very civilized too. It’s just something about timing. Racism doesn’t believe in timing.

  2. 今天看这个视频,感触很深。川普上任后,对墨西哥建墙,强行退出巴黎气候协定,与中国打起贸易战。如今对于新冠病毒无任何作为导致股票大跌,还有对于华人的歧视“Chinese virus” 。这些一切的一切都在这个视频里预见了,是的都预见了,他不是一个合格的领导者还是一个深度种族主义者。他领导的失败,既是意外的也是注定的。然后我也很高兴能够看到有像你们一样的明白人并为我们中国人发声。你们的视频在这个污浊的YouTube大染缸里的一片净土!希望你们继续出视频!(我刚刚从你们最新的q&a过来)

  3. Great video, guys. Kay is cute. I could tell how frustrated you were and not able to express yourself in the video. I totally agree with you, no race is better than others, we’re all equal because we are all human being. The differences are some people work harder for their goals and some not. This guy, Jesse Watter??? He’s such a dumb racist. If he wants to interview our grandparents, tell him to speak Chinese to them. But I bet he doesn’t a brain so he wouldn’t be able to learn our language. And if he does have a brain, he should’ve chosen the younger Generations. Why he doesn’t like Chinese, obviously because China is becoming stronger and their people are wealthier every day….it’s the evil of jealousy..🤪

  4. 所以我最恶心的就是在国内受到超常待遇的外国人,很多中文一句不会也能教课也能当白领?有证书不?还有就是看见老外就各种要合影的煞笔

  5. 三观太正了!Kat呀!!!突然想到去年有一个土耳其的傻逼对我们几个中国女生大喊Fuck China,我们报告了Dean之后Dean居然说Fuck在土耳其文化里有爱的意思?!气死人了!要是所有人的三观都能像Kat一样正多好呀

  6. ppl will never be respected from begging. ppl should earn the respect. Oneday, when china become a powerful country, things gonna be changed —I firmly believe that!

  7. 虽然我不想反驳,但我发表一下自己的看法吧。这个世界本来就是弱肉强食 世界发达国家大多都是欧美白人国家所以白人当然会比较高傲。这是一种必然 如果出现其他种族领先世界的话那这个民族的人一样也会鄙视全世界

  8. 我並不覺得種族歧視啊 我衹是覺得采訪者很不禮貌,不應該取笑別人,雖然白人認爲我們好欺負,他們衹是樂於取笑,而面對黑人的問題一般都會有肢體衝突,進而會引起廣汎關注,這才是種族歧視,我們在白人主導的國家中,還是以容忍包容爲主,畢竟白人才是First class ,習慣就好,生活很美好

  9. 支持cat and sid 的想法,你必须得了解部分种族歧视的文化背景,起码了解是必须有的。就个人而言,讨论racism 非常敏感你不能直接决定别人的行为是racist的,但是这一定程度上就是hate crime( which u can report as a crime without proof,just feeling insulted )
    个人建议就是当你明确了对方是racist,你就不要理他,不要与”垃圾人”计较,因为从安全角度出发,racist 都是带走aggressive 倾向的。在平和的环境下,或者说这个人不知道自己行为的严重性,比如英国,你就应该当众“humiliate”他/她,让其认识到错误

  10. And being Chinese get use to it!!! because it's going to get alot worse. You will be put in internment camps basically jail if you're Chinese because there's a coming War release soon with China

  11. 你不舒服的话,可以走回你自己的国家。Also the guy complaining about fox news is just an ABC pretending to have an accent. Have a sense of humor. Sha-b

  12. They do the same thing to every other group in America… it is humor. If they talked about something else .. that would be racist.. Liberals do the same thing.. every time you see videos about where I live they make us look like morons…. Why do you have to be vulgar in your comments… Trump is worse? That is opinion A lot of people have the opinion..

  13. 不要装可怜到处去说这个歧视那个歧视 他们哪个民族有资格歧视?现在已经是时候恢复自信了 想想我们民族是如何发家的 南蛮 北狄 我们早就玩烂了

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