Chris Hayes Slams Fox Information for Sabotaging Vaccine Efforts


Fox Information has time and again sowed doubt in COVID-19 vaccines amongst its target audience — and this MSNBC host isn't having it.
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Date: August 27, 2022

RSS The Hill

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43 thoughts on “Chris Hayes Slams Fox Information for Sabotaging Vaccine Efforts

  1. Chris Hayes was the one disparaging Trump for efforts to develop vaccines and distribute them, complaining focus should be put elsewhere. Or do we have memories that don't last longer than an election of a president not could Donald Trump? I swear we deserve every bit of misery we cause ourselves. Please God, let Trump run in three years and win again. If Russia or China don't want to nuke us, we'll do it ourselves

  2. Their indirectly sabotaging their own voter base. how is this even legal? Can't the government intervene? I guess they're gonna cry "Freedom of speech" even if the govt tried to intervene

  3. In a different frame of reference, why do you ultimately care if Fox is spreading this message when the end result is that you inherently gain more liberal support through death/loss of conservatives? Now that would be a more interesting study and news report… Did more conservatives die as a result of listening to that message and not getting vaccinated?

  4. You get labelled an anti-vaxxer for questioning the safety of the vaccine which has only been in development for a year. I don't think individuals should be forced/coherced into getting the vaccine but no one should stop people from getting the vaccine.

  5. Fox is killing off its own watchers. Conservatives are killing off their own voters.


    Think about it, kill off Conservative voters and who's left? Vaccinated liberals. That's who.

    Don't like liberals? Get vaccinated and live long enough to vote.

  6. what I don't understand: the majority of non-vaccinated people are Magat's or "former Republicans" who listen daily to Fox…. right? So 99% of people who are dying of Covid are Fox news viewers. Aren't they killing their own viewers then?? Also the same with all those senators and house Magats who are s*cking up to the Mango Mussolini… by pushing conspiracy theories about the vaccination, aren't they killing their own voters?
    By the way… fine with me: less stupid people and less chance for the QOP to win elections.

  7. honestly I feel like the Americans who are dying from covid don’t mind dying anyway? unlike other countries like India where people are afraid of dying and mourn the deaths of their loved ones, what I’m hearing from America is just “people die, it’s life”

  8. At least we will cut the number of idiots.
    At this point , the unvaccinated should get a Darwin award if they die from covid-19. Or the new Delta variant aka covid 45.

  9. The jab is a bioweapon Injuring maming and killing.
    13 year old dead from enlarged heart. Many reports of enlarged hearts. Why hurt the kids?
    They weren't a risk group!

  10. And secondly wasn't it Democratic leaders like the governor or whatever of New York that literally forced the death of the elderly in those Elderly Homes on purpose pushing and forcing infected patients and then locking it down so imma get the f*** off your soapbox

  11. Not Funny….Faucci is tied to the very lab internationally on all sides both in America and China through the financials and the Puppet Masters to create a plandemic and push a vaccine for it all the same time are you kidding me

  12. It's such a tragedy that Trumpist/QAnonist cultists have been so brainwashed that they're prepared to die from Covid rather than getting vaccinated against one of the most dangerous viruses since 1918. All of the right wing media, including Fox, OANN and Newsmax should be charged with criminal negligence in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American deaths because of their intentional sowing of mistrust of the vaccination program.

  13. Clevland clinic
    Center For Conservatiive Politics = George Washington Crile, Frank Emory Bunts, William Edgar Lower, John Phillips

    founding fathers
    kissing the ring so to speak

  14. What is most tragic is that these guys are vaccinated. They are sitting here telling people that this is unsafe knowing full well that they have already been vaccinated. Trump was vaccinated in early January and while no vaccine is 100 percent effective, their viewers do not know that these Fox News people do not care about the lives of their viewers. Wealthy donors have paid to be vaccinated first. Why are the fox viewers not seeing the pattern. The wealthy are being vaccinated.

  15. You can't call Fox News out for giving a different perspective on a vaccine that isn't FDA approved, they don't know the long term effects of the vaccine, if people have natural immunity then why should you need the vaccine? They don't know if there is any benefits for taking a vaccine that you have immunity to it. So good for Fox News for questioning this vaccine and the government that is strongly pushing it.

  16. "It makes you think, once you think about it,"

    That is just the dumbest F'ing thing in existence. It doesn't surprise me since we're talking about a guy who has the face for radio and a personality of TV static. Swear the lightbulb is on his head, the wheel is spinning, but the hamster committed suicide in the corner after trying to rationalize the stupidity spewing forth from the idiot's own mouth. He looks and sounds like the type of person that believes the moon is made of cheese and we could solve the world's hunger issues by launching rockets to mine it.

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