CNN, MSNBC slammed for turning to discredited intel officers


Fox Information contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Buddies First' to talk about a brand new e-book revealing the strain between Obama and Biden and the media giving former intel officers considerable airtime. #FoxNews

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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

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40 thoughts on “CNN, MSNBC slammed for turning to discredited intel officers

  1. So Fox Nonsense, when are you going to have Lindsey Graham back on to threaten violence in the streets of America if law enforcement does their job?!? AND why do you continue to give breath to these threats of violence to law enforcement on your platform?!?

  2. clapper brenan strozk, all compromised proven liars they lied to the fisa court where is comey rosenstien mueller schiff. btw adam I am still waiting for your whistle blower, how did life work out for Vinman?

  3. If elections can ever be run fairly, we have nothing to worry about. Most Americans are good people who want the best for their country. The elite career politicians and idols who control them, and who now interfere with our Elections and Communications are the only enemy. Let's not fall for the divisive narratives. United we Still Stand. Make America RIGHT Again. We, the People are supposed to run the Government, not the other way around. Vote for Trump, he is one of us – that is as it should be.

  4. The liberal media will never learn a lesson. CNN now has a new owner and CEO that say they want to move their channel to the center and simply report on the news without biased opinions, but what do they continue to do? They continue interviewing liberal politicians and executives and agreeing with them on every opinion with no proof of what’s being said. The definition of “insanity” is (continuously doing the same thing and expecting different results)

  5. We’re talking about CNN, the biggest bulls&!t artists in the media. If you’re looking to get the real story, the Cartoon Network has more truth and realizability then CNN.

  6. Ain't gonna work lol The funny thing is everyones upset about how Hillary got off the hook lol Well the Attorney General Bill Barr was in charge of her case and did nothing. Trump was the president and did nothing to quote on quote lock her up. Your blaming the wrong people. This Attorney General is just doing his job period. That's all folks. Oh one more thing you guys do know the head of the FBI was appointed by Trump right? Lol

  7. -Arundhati Roy
    “Recently, those who have criticized the actions of the U.S. government… have been called “anti-American.” The term is usually used by the American establishment to discredit its critics”

  8. 51 Intelligence Officials signed a lie because the have no respect for Americans. Every single one of them knew the laptop was real yet signed the letter anyway.

  9. Pat Parker (1944-1989)
    “When i make love to you
    i try
    with each stroke of my tongue
    to say
    i love you
    to tease
    i love you
    to hammer
    i love you
    to melt
    i love you

    and your sounds drift down
    oh god!
    oh jesus!
    and i think
    here it is, some dude’s
    getting credit for what
    a woman
    has done

  10. we all know the truth the top secret nuclear documents seized by the FBI at mar a lago is Ukrainian disinformation the truth is the FBI really seized trumps grandmothers family recipes which are consider top secret by the trump family

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