CNN's Brianna Keilar Slams Fox Information Over Vaccine Skepticism


‘Fox audience are guinea pigs in an enormous disinformation experiment performed on people’ — This CNN anchor eviscerated Fox Information for encouraging vaccine skepticism.
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Date: August 24, 2022

RSS The Hill

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45 thoughts on “CNN's Brianna Keilar Slams Fox Information Over Vaccine Skepticism

  1. Funny when Trump was promoting the Vaccine both Biden and Harris stated they would not receive the vaccine under his administration. No tyranny or uproar over that. Double Standard much? I say definitely yes.

  2. I wish Brianna Kelly takes up the issue of forest fires. I'm celebrating Onam today, to tell God that crops dry at harvest. Yes, dry leaves burn.
    If we leave large gaps between forests, then any fires in the fire 🔥prone region would be contained.
    It's easier to cut down trees 🌲🌳🌴in the forest to make the gaps now when there's no fire.

  3. I'm surprised anyone in America listens to any of these news channels,..they dont supply reliable information, just act like two kids fighting all the time.

  4. Brianna Keilar is my Wonderwoman, if the majority of people have half logic and humanity like her, we wouldn't be in this current situation. Watching Fox is just toxic and creates more hate in people mine.

  5. What concerns me the most (and Foxnews is part of it) is the total lack of sense of responsibility, general interest and even moral sense on the conservative side these last months. They've been unhappy about the conclusion of these elections and haven't stopped to s**t in the stew since. I have seen so many people not acting like adult these last months that I'm more than worried about our society. I know, there are many liberals that are not acting better but come on, they need to go back to their sense. And to adulthood.

  6. These politicians & media with their dumb stunts.. these politicians won’t even suffer as they have the tax payers money providing them top notch care.. Get vaccinated or not but please stop with the drama..

  7. I find it idiotic that others know what’s best for everybody. People have choices… Our country is so full of hate towards others and the media continues to divide us. I’m sure I’ll be called names cuz that’s how people are being programmed to operate. It’s pretty sad.

  8. Highly recommend watching this anchors "Roll the Tape" segment she does on her show. Non biased opinion, she knows what she's talking about and calls out anyone.

  9. I believe in freedom of speech but i think when it comes to news and media outlits that it needs to be completely 1000% truthful information and in no way biased. Thats my opinion.

  10. I'm kind of tired of the right talking about "elites" when they are deep asf in the pockets of banks, energy, oil and practically every mega corp in the world.

  11. Of course a CNN Anchor is onboard with this untested farce. They helped China Joe get elected and have to push The Lefts fear driven rhetoric. They are in too deep and couldn't back out if they wanted to!😂

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