Crenshaw torches Biden border coverage on CNN


The ‘Fox & Pals' co-hosts speak about how Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, slammed the Biden management over the border disaster on CNN. #FoxNews

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Date: August 25, 2022

RSS The Hill

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32 thoughts on “Crenshaw torches Biden border coverage on CNN

  1. i agree. how is president Biden and AG Garland keeping America safe and secure if Biden is unable to view classified documents because they was setting in trumps basement and it took AG Garland 18 months to get them back with still no guarantee they have recovered them all

  2. Trump on the eleven (11) boxes of top secret documents removed from his

    -I was working and co-operating with government agents,
    -And if I wasn't, I already returned all of the top secret documents I had taken.
    -They unlawfully raided and broke into my home.
    -If it wasn't a raid, and it wasn't unlawful, and they didn't break in, they
    didn't warn me they were coming.

    -The judge who signed the warrant was a radical anti-Trump liberal,
    -If even if it was a judge I appointed, they have something on him.
    -If they don't have something on him, then the FBI director is crooked,
    -And even if it was the FBI director I appointed, he is crooked.

    -I didn't take the top secret nuclear weapon documents.
    -And if I did take the documents, they weren't classified.
    -And if they were classified, the FBI planted them.
    -If they weren't planted, I declassified them.
    -If I didn't declassify them, then its a hoax,
    -If it's not a hoax, Obama did it.
    -If Obama didn't do it, then it's a witch hunt.
    -I am just a victim of the swamp.
    -Send me money, I love the poorly uneducated.

  3. Citizens should do NOTHING for the federal government Immigration problem that is created by Democrats, not even a donation. Let people get out of their problems. Everyone hS the right to fight for their own rights and not obligated to others. By God….

  4. Let's tax the people who voted for Sleepy Joe and his reckless policies. Anybody who supports open borders more than welcome to pay tax on them and let them into your homes. Just because you're a politician that who helps create the laws doesn't give you the right to break those laws.

  5. Until America stands up and demands from their elected officials that this is stopped your going to see crime escalate drug flow escalate states going broke trying to feed house educate provide medical services to these massive numbers coming into our country as I see it I remember the great migration in Europe not long ago and we saw what happened over there massive crime wave rapes stabbings ect.

  6. ALL PART OF THE PLAN – The Middle Class, and small business owners can't work in a True Socialist Nation – THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST are making sure of that


    Progressives embrace freedom of choice in personal matters, but advocate for significant government coercion to control the economy and redistribute wealth

    Authoritarian Progressives aka DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST aka the DEM Party – all the same now

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