Crist doesn’t exist: Newt Gingrich


Newt Gingrich: Each Dem working this 12 months is a Joe Biden Democrat. #FoxNews #TheIngrahamAngle

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Date: August 27, 2022

RSS The Hill

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41 thoughts on “Crist doesn’t exist: Newt Gingrich

  1. I've voted for people before and later regretted it. But the fact I voted for Crist once that bothers me so much . He's a turncoat. No matter what side you're on we all can't stomach turn coats or snitchs.

  2. Democrats HATE DeSantis but I think non-major party voters…so called "independents" will break DeSantis' way so my prediction is that DeSantis wins with 53 or 54 percentage of the vote.

  3. Why would anyone vote for someone that has no idea what party they align themself with? This guy basically says I don't know who I am but I do know I want a free ride as a politician. Any party will do just vote for me?

  4. When Twitter and YouTube banned Trump even after he
    used the phrase "peacefully protest" (well documented) as a vehicle towards cancellation, how can anyone with a conscience trust the media??

  5. I totally agree with Newt about Charlie the flip flop. He needs to go in shoe sales, because he flip flops from one political party to the next. Why would anyone vote for some one who can't make their mind up to WHICH political party they IDENTIFY WITH?????

  6. Everyone, everywhere who knows the FACTS about how covid was handled and how things are in Florida wishes Ron DeSantis was THEIR governor. 🙂
    A smart person, courageous (willing to stand up against the "woke" mob and the Fauci mob), someone who speaks HONESTLY (something virtually no other politician does) and who actually has some moral character (again, distinguishing him from the majority of politicians in both parties).

  7. When rich liberals give to Democrats the money goes to media they own , so it’s just shuffling money 💰 from one pocket to another ‘ie’ it costs them nothing 😜

  8. Just checking with anyone who knows Florida better than I do: If Crist were to win, then he could only serve one term, because he was already governor from 2006-2010 and there is a two-term limit. Am I correct there?

  9. Crist says he loves jobomma, and he is doing a great job! That should tell you
    ALL you need to know about him! Florida do the right thing for freedom, and
    vote DeSantis again-you all and South Dakota, were the only ones who
    were not prisoners in our own homes! GO RON!

  10. How did Val Demings become Chief of police in Orlando? Easy. She checked the boxes. Did she work her way up by doing great police work? Nope. Her arrests record sucked. But she became a detective where she solved al bunch of crimes? Nope. But she checked the boxes. So yea, shes an affirmative police chief hated by the rank an file.

  11. Newt's still alive? Well golly, I thought he passed away with the tea baggers movement. I think Newt's take on socialism is if you're rich or born with a silver spoon in you mouth you're a patriot. Now adversely if you're low income, working class you deserve to be there and you should be happy that rich ppl are running this country.

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