Dan Hannan MEP rubbishes the NHS on Fox Information



Date: September 3, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Dan Hannan MEP rubbishes the NHS on Fox Information

  1. 2022 and the Tories are dismantling everything decent about this country.
    Let's see if the "people" vote them in again in 2025.
    If we do, the country deserves to sold to the highest bidder.

  2. Good for him, the NHS is failing, screw NHS socialist/Stasi brainwashing, give people choice. And I don't care if that makes me an evil meanie.

  3. Daniel Hannan is a far right libertarian Brexiteer – everything for the 1% #DisasterCapitalist + probable white supremacist. Slimes to the core – he is a dangerous disruptor and is responsible for there's demise and destruction of the UK and everything that was good about the country. Anyone agreeing with him are made of the same stuff as him. 100% Toxic. ☠

  4. Hannan isn't really a Conservative but an economic liberal. I do not think that the NHS is the envy of the world, and it certainly needs to be improved, but this is due to government underfunding, decades of Labour and Tory mismanagement, inconsistent quality of GPs/specialists and the fact that it's run on a very centralised, bureaucratic 1940s Socialist model. Italy, France, the Scandinavian counties – all have the best ranked healthcare in the world, and all are free to the point of use. While funded by taxes their structure is different to that of the NHS. America's healthcare, on the other hand, is much lower ranked and just as inconsistent as the NHS. The amount of horror stories of paying out of pocket expenses etc. is also telling.

  5. What a entitled twat. The markets is what pushes up the prices and makes life difficult for the NHS. As for John Hannity… Wow he read something in the Daily Mail. Muppet.

  6. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. The ToryScum, i.e. him, have been systematically underfunding the nhs for years with the sole intent of selling it off at a profit to the US. The only thing he is right about is that some doctors and nurses have moved abroad for better paying jobs, that's because they underpay them here and are expected to work stupid hours. BTW, Torys don't pay tax, so they don't pay for the nhs, we do, it's ours, not theirs.

  7. Dan Hannah is not telling you that he pays for private healthcare which is available in the U.K for wealthy people such as himself. I've seen this man lie again and again – I'm guessing he is being paid well! I'll be generous and say that he has no idea what the average American is paying for health insurance. I'm from the U.K. and living in the USA. Put simply, Americans pay much, much more and get much less than people in the U.K. In the U.K. you have no insurance company middleman and hospitals are not for profit corporations. In the USA, pharmaceuticals are out of hand, insurance companies are out of hand and hospitals are out of hand.

  8. The NHS was virtually sentenced to death under prime minister Tony Blair and his Chancellor, Gordon Brown’s Public Private Partnership (PPI)which allowed investors to loan billions to the NHS at usurious rates of interest in order to build new hospitals. Much of the ongoing cost of our NHS is now dedicated to servicing these loans.

    That and the godawful managers who all went off sick (with stress according to the Daily Telegraph)at the start of the current so called “pandemic”.

    The NHS is being set up to fail not because of the Conservatives, but by Labour hypocrisy and corruption.

  9. Lying Tory scumbag. In the pocket of big business.
    The NHS are keeping us alive, despite years of Tory cuts.

  10. I'm amazed how someone can actually be this dumb. How does he even manage to talk with such little brain power.

  11. What the fuck!? You wanker!!! It has worked and how the fuck does it make people ill! Someone slap this muppet.

  12. He is extremely narcissistic filled to the brim with various ideology. He seems very remote / disconnected to the bulk of British people. A very detached individual. I do wish he would go a live in his beloved USA and take his ideas with him. God help him if he develops some awful illness which his health insurance does not cover. That’s the reality of the American system.

  13. That's right wing propagansa – this is the actual researched truth:

  14. And the people who need insulin don’t have to worry about how they will pay for it . We love and live for our NHS

  15. But .. but .. he's blatantly lying. And for a country that believes itself Christian, how the US believes conservatism is the right way beggers belief.

  16. Evil. The NHS is the best thing this country has ever done for itself, and we all know it. Dan Hannan and co want to asset strip it, so have been starving it of cash and trying to make it fail for decades. This kind of misinformation is disgusting. Anyone with half a brain can see socialised healthcare is the most efficient and best and only humane way to deliver healthcare. The US system kills people.

  17. US viewers should note – he says that on a US channel – he wouldn't dare say this on British TV because support for the NHS is massive among those who experience it directly.

  18. He has a point about the state of the nhs. Not saying i want to privatise it but we need to debate how to fix the NHS

  19. Daniel Hannan is nothing but a quisling traitor who'd sell the whole country down the river for tuppence

  20. fact: the UK spends less of our GDP on Health compared to 9 other EU countries. Approx 3% less than the Swedes, thats Billions of pounds folks.Its an utter shame.

    Hannon: Oxford educated, writer for the Daily Mail and Sun, never stepped foot in a public school let alone a public hospital. Delete this elite.

  21. Was he paid by the American private healthcare companies? America cannot have a National Healthcare service because it has to be tied to private Healthcare Companies who need profit for shareholders and hence grossly over charge Americans

  22. Let me tell you why we should replace the NHS. Firstly, the NHS does not have the best doctors in the UK. Those doctors and surgeons don't want to work in the NHS because the pay is low. Secondly, because healthcare here in Britain is free at the point of access, it doesn't encourage people to actually look after their health because people can fall back on it. Finally, those who pay more tax and national insurance tend to put more into the NHS and are rarely ill so get nothing out.

    What we need is a system when National Insurance is scrapped, and people can choose their own healthcare policies. Of course there will be a safety net for those at the bottom but take it from someone who has private healthcare, my treatment it 10x better than on the NHS.

  23. Scroll through the comments to see vicious, vitriolic British ignorance at its finest.

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