DeSantis responds to critics after signing invoice finishing Disney autonomy


Florida governor sounds off on ‘Tucker Carlson This night' after getting rid of the Reedy Creek Growth District. #foxnews #tucker

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Date: August 29, 2022

RSS The Hill

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34 thoughts on “DeSantis responds to critics after signing invoice finishing Disney autonomy

  1. Disney crossed the line and got all their meal ticket taken away. Disney would have been better to appreciate all the perks they took for granted. 😝😝😝

  2. I read somewhere and also saw a promotion video on the ideas Walt had with Disney..and him wanting to name a little town within Disney
    EPCOT..what does that even mean??
    Sounds like a name EPSTEIN would give to 1 of his mansions…Epcot..
    Maybe if you dig really never know..
    Especially now the disgusting path Disney is taking…i would send in an undercover agent to expose the creeps…
    And once their devious plans are unveiled…
    DEMOLISH the whole area and build houses or appartments to house the NORMAL families to move into Florida..cos believe me with all this crap going WILL be a safe haven for your kids and grandkids to live…because it WILL get worse!! And NEVER EVER give up your guns!

  3. Disney pays for the surrounding town. It's Fire Department schools and hospital. Now the state of Florida will have to pay for it. Good luck going backwards.

  4. The average Democrat isn't woke, the media just portrays it that way. DeSantis is right.

  5. Its the unions who put pressure on Corporations to promote their political agendas in their favor. Problem is, no one else wants it. Corporations must be compliant to the will of the people, not the dollar, and with that conflicts should never weigh heavy between the people as they make that money.

  6. sorry kids….youll never know the real disneyland just some woke freak version 🙁

  7. Thank you Govenor DeSantis! How much better would Florida be today had Disney been "paying their fair share in taxes" as the democrats like to say! I never was in favor of the tax freedom awarded the Disney corporation in perpetuity as it were. A ten or even twenty year tax hiatus could have been a acceptable but to ship gazillion of dollars to California's coffers forever? No way! Wonder if the Chinese Disney have that kind of a sweetheart deal? Or any of the other countries with their own Disney entertainment centers! Kudos to you, Govenor!

  8. This is the face of a fascist. De Santis attacked school children for wearing masks during a pandemic because it made him look bad in front of the press. The Florida governor is banning certain books that make Republicans feel bad. He wants to keep the teaching of the history of slavery from being taught in the classroom. He attacks and punishes Mickie Mouse for speaking out against injustice for LGBT people. He has financially punished a sports team for simply stating that gun violence is bad after 19 little school children were gunned down in their school. He threatened the Special Olympics unless they reversed their covid vaccine requirements!!! We are truly on the road to fascism if he becomes president.

  9. Thank you Governor Ron! Disney will self Destruct! Walt has to be turning in his Grave!

  10. Disney is funding all sorts of grooming organizations. Don't kid yourself. They fund GLSEN which infiltrates K-12 schools with covert clubs to indoctrinate the children. They had their first event here in NAPLES, FL. It was done in secret. They would not let me in and wouldn't answer questions. Only 12- 18 year olds could go in the building. DeSantis only did 1/2 the job. Children are still the target and they are relentless and they are in your kids school.

  11. Well done DeSantis – Respect ✊. (And great respect to the people of Florida also for voting in a wise person. God bless you all.)

  12. Wow don’t you know Florida needs Disney and Disney don’t need Florida welp Florida come to New York

  13. So if Desantis really wanted money, why isn't he trying to tax all these phony churches especially in the Deep South/rural areas? If he also wanted to protect kids, why doesn't he protect them from the paedophilic pastors who know nothing of the Bible they're preaching?

  14. My maternal grandfather's mother's maiden name was Giocanda DeSantis. So, Ron DeSantis and I may e distantly related. Even so, as a fellow Floridian and Italian American, I say to you Ron DeSantis, "Vaffanculo!"

  15. Govenor Desantis why is Mark Rubio not asking questions about the bio labs in Ukraine he never asked that crazy woman what chemicals we're in there he is our senator here in Florida correct we the people have a right to know why he's not accepting Tucker Carlson's invitation. All they all liers pentagon too someone with a soul needs to stand up for us.

  16. These comments are filled with idiocy lmao. He had to repeal the bill he signed because him signing it in the first place was against the law. He just passed on $163 Million in taxes, NOT TO DISNEY, but to his constituants. That plus the $1 billion in bond debt, hes as dumb as the people who watch Fox news. It’d be nice if he told the truth, sad. Who would procreate with him? Even sadder.

  17. DeSantis ROCKS!!! He's the next iteration once DJT serves his next term – thank God for strong alpa men that put America First!

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