Donald Trump wins in federal court docket, granted particular grasp in DOJ record investigation


A federal pass judgement on ordered Monday that an unbiased particular grasp be appointed to check the information seized via the FBI all the way through its raid of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago house and ordered the Justice Division quit its personal evaluation of the fabric for investigative functions.

U.S. District Pass judgement on from the Southern District of Florida Pass judgement on Aileen M. Cannon ordered that the particular grasp be appointed to “evaluation the seized belongings, organize assertions of privilege and make suggestions thereon, and assessment claims for go back of belongings.”

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Date: September 8, 2022

RSS The Hill

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24 thoughts on “Donald Trump wins in federal court docket, granted particular grasp in DOJ record investigation

  1. There seems to be some confusion about rhe special master and the order to stop the investigation pending a report from rhe special master.
    CNN has begun to spread lies that the order was to slow down the investigation. That is a lie. The order was to stop all investigations on Donald trump immediately.
    If Cnn and the Justuse department keeps leaking lies to the public. Then theres a very good chance that a judge will find the evidence tainted and dismess the entire case . As a matter of fact the justuce department and CNN could could face criminal and cival. Charges as well.

  2. What I don't understand if Chump has 5 residence why is only one been checked. He could have these documents spread all
    over. If they are still out there. You know they are not going turn them over so the Fed's should of hit at the homes at once. 🤔

  3. This judge who's mother fled Castro's Cuba is now in pocket of the only US President who has clearly aligned himself with world dictators and autocrats eerily similar to Castro. Florida Republicans, elected or not, are literally destroying the future of this country as we see it today.

  4. What did Donald J Trumpet Virus do with and want with those nuclear secrets? On August 12, 2020 Trumpet Virus LIED and told the world he did not have nuclear infornation at his hotel resort and that was a lie!!!

  5. Wouldn't it be great if the USA or its interests abroad is seriously compromised by an attack by its enemies made possible by information contained in classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago?

  6. I agree with the judge, if I was judge i would done the same thing…. I really don't care for Mr.Trump or Mr.Biden, I think they're idiots, but even demon has their rights to fair trial, The federal government or any government personal can't just take individual personal property and not have court system review about the issues…. Now if Mr.Trump commited a criminal offensive the federal courts system needs to deal with the issues…..

  7. Litigate, litigate, litigate. Every word every sentence every page of over 10000 government documents seized in Mar-a Lago resort. Thank you, Aileen Cannon for appointing a " Special Master ".

  8. TRUMP: IT SO SIMPLE: He took classified documents that were not his. That's illegal He kept them in his office and in other insecure locations. That's a national security danger. He refused to return them when asked. That's obstruction. CONCLUSION: He should be indicted for breaking the law.

  9. FBI have nothing. Russia collusion 2.0. Hey people that are cheering on the FBI and DOJ wait till the FBI DOJ come for you and your family. Place handcuffs on your children tear there rooms apart. Let’s see how great you think this kind of power is then. Your just a pebble in the sand. Just imagine it won’t be to funny then. They will ruin your bankrupt you destroy you and there is nothing like a little guy like you can do. Don’t be so happy about this.

  10. The judge got paid off or trump threatened her or trump made an arrangement of an agreement that will benefit her. She should be a judge she should be removed because if this corruption is allowed then that’s what tells u who sold their soul.

  11. What a joke – Trump "wins"!? Any1 ever heard about "winning the battle, but losing the war"? This man is not only a loser, he's a DISGRACE!! Baby Chump THINKS he threw a tantrum & got his way, AGAIN, but watch what the outcome of this will be – WAIT & SEEEEE!!

  12. The DOJ has to appeal, even if the judging panel is MAGA infected, you have to find out how far the cancer has spread before you decide how to treat it, or to realise it's terminal

  13. Delay tactic that only makes him look more guilty. The guy had sensitive, highly classified material that he treated with willful negligence and intentionally hindered it’s recovery. He endangered National Security. His attorneys lied for him and said he didn’t have ANY classified material. If it was you, you’d be serving your sentence by now.

  14. CHARACTER 2022 ##

    Some of us are as God planned

    Though many are far worse.

    Our characters are not of marble

    So the Devil may work his curse.

    Fame is what we steal or take

    Character is what we give.

    To this truth we must awake

    So we might begin to live.

    There is some good in all of us

    Which may not show at first.

    With good character of heart and soul

    We prepare ourselves for the worst.

    Show me a liar and you have found a thief

    Whose character is controlled by hell.

    They love what's wrong and hate what's right

    And they're lucky they're not all in jail.

    The power of truth helps preserve mankind

    When our angel within is allowed to rise.

    Men, women, children, kings and presidents

    Are blessed by deeds not falsehoods or lies.

  15. Someone independent to look at them.. It will be someone recommended by the Trump team.. I mean come on.. Not really independent.. It's funny how Trump sought her out instead of going to previous judge.. This is so disgusting and corrupt.. This judge was bought.. We all know it… She should lose her job.. These fascist TRUMPERS have destroyed our democracy and are pissing on our constitution.. You know the constitution this judge swore an oath to uphold.. She broke that oath…

  16. have never heard a judge hault an investigation before.. This stinks so bad.. Talk about corruption.. This judge needs to be disbarred because she obviously can't be impartial and she can be easily bribed.. These trumpers don't care one bit about the constitution or rule of law.. Good job you fascist traitor unamerican criminal racist piece of garbage

  17. That’s not a win. That’s a Stall Tactic.
    You stole a car, and when the cops took it back and you stupidly left your wallet in between the seats.
    You still stole the dang car.
    The cops already went through your car with a Top Secret Clearance Filter Team.
    Cannon, you have no Standing.

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